Make continuous assessment and improvement the heart of your professional development program.


Get The Most From Your Assessments Trial

We're confident you will appreciate your experience with Illumeo during the next two weeks. To ensure you maximize this opportunity, and you have data on which to base a Go/No Go decision at the end, we recommend the following three steps:

  • Set expectations with your team. Pick people who will engage with the platform. Select managers and their direct reports to try out our assessments and benchmark-based analyses.

  • Check in with your team during the trial. This will reinforce the importance you place on their opinions and your interest in establishing a professional development program that works for them.

  • Encourage your team to take our online survey. Toward the end of the trial we will send a link to an online survey. At the conclusion of the trial we will present you with a report detailing your team's activities and feedback, enabling you to make a data-based decision on your go-forward plans.