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On Demand Learning
Quickly find hundreds of self-paced online video CPE courses, with new courses taught by expert practitioners added every week. Learn at your own pace, any time, on any device.
Course Information
Course description
Instructor profile
Course syllabus with time-stamped lessons – most courses last 60 minutes
Peer reviews and ratings
Questions answered by the instructor (within 48 hours)
A Course
The Widget
Click the “OUT/IN” button to easily add /remove courses from your development plan
Set an optional due date
Indicate if you want the course to be required
Quickly see if the course is complete
Course Lessons
Each course is comprised of multiple lessons
Most lessons last 5-15 minutes
Complete each lesson at your own pace
Easily return at any time to complete the course
Course Lessons
Questions and Final Exam
Review questions test your knowledge and provide instant feedback on each answer
The final exam can be taken as many times as needed
Passing the final exam provides CPE/CPD credits
Quiz & Exam
Review and Rate
Provide feedback to let us know the good, the bad, and what needs improvement
Reviews go to the instructors and shape changes and future courses
Subscription users receive permanent access to courses with each valid review
Survey Says
Groups of courses selected to create a program of study
Practicing corporate finance experts helping you become expert
If the order in which you take the courses is important, we'll let you know