Marketing Function

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Marketing Expertise

Everyone wants to be fantastic at their job - but it doesn't just happen. Even the brightest employees need the right learning resources to fulfill their potential. The Illumeo Expertise Management platform ensures that every minute spent working on professional development is focused on areas that the employee, the marketing organization and the company actually need. The platform also brings world-class sales enablement to simplify one of Marketing's key jobs.

Marketing Assessment

Marketing Skills Assessment

The hardest part of making a great marketing team is knowing where to start: without a clear picture of what they know, it’s impossible to start making them better - and your organization more effective.

The Illumeo Assessment Framework brings you expert-built marketing assessment and the option to build custom assessments, covering the topics that are most vital to your business. Ask each individual to self-assess, then add the evaluations of managers and peers to get a full 360 degree perspective. With this in place, it is easy to build personalized development plans for each professional to help them achieve excellence.

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Product Knowledge, loading

Sales Enablement

Sales enablement can be frustratingly impermanent - you prepare for months for a sales kick-off, and it seems like it’s all forgotten in days. And inevitably you end up training new sales employees every month throughout the year.

Our easy-to-use course creation tools make it a breeze for you to create long-lasting content, that sales can use anywhere and anytime to ensure everyone is up to speed on selling fundamentals, like product knowledge, messaging, and promotions. Turn those brown bag lunches and webinars into courses that can be assigned to salespeople any time and even test them, so you know for sure that everyone has had the training they need.

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Deep learning

Deep Marketing Learning

Don't forget your own department.

The Illumeo Expertise Management platform comes pre-loaded with a broad-based library of marketing-focused courses. All built by real professionals, with an average of over 20 years’ experience, these streaming video courses drive expertise in key areas your team need to execute to perfection. We add new courses every week, so you’ll never run out of things to learn.

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Knowledge management

Knowledge Management

Your most knowedgable marketing employees are impossible to replace - but their knowledge and expertise are not. Have them use Illumeo’s simple course authoring tools to share their skills, knowledge, and process hacks.

Not only will new employees and the rest of the team gain from getting valuable insight, your top performers will become more engaged with the team, as they are viewed as critical experts. You also insulate yourself against disastrous employee departures.

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Marketing Employee Onboarding

HR is great at onboarding for benefits and finding the lunch room, but onboarding for marketing skills in the marketing function virtually doesn't exist.

The Illumeo Expertise Management platform is the easiest way possible to ensure that your marketing training content is easy to create, centrally stored, immediately available, and simple to assign to your new employees. Use slick shared dashboards to manage and track execution and testing, so you know that the whole team understands the business, the process, and the goals you’re out to achieve.

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