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World-class live training from over 200 subject-matter-experts.


Live Training

Sometimes training just needs to be delivered "live". This is especially the case when you desire ultimate interactivity, have highly specific use cases, a "company way" of doing things, or if your industry has its particular ins and outs.

Happily, most of Illumeo's 200+ instructors also offer live training via Illumeo. We help you find the right training expert, help you shape the desired learning content, and we manage the logistics. You supply the people, ready to learn!

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Illumeo has more than 200 instructors - all of them senior practitioners and subject-matter-experts. The average tenure of our instructors is more than twenty-five years as a practitioner. These SMEs provide unmatched knowledge and they want to put that to work making your team better at what they do. Their expertise is available to you for live training across the globe.

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Expert instructors

Try Before You Buy

All of Illumeo's "live training" instructors also have on demand courses on the Illumeo platform. This is an incredibly rare instance of being able to try before you buy in the "live training" space. You can click in to any course on the Illumeo Expertise Management platform and see the abstract, syllabus, and course reviews and listen to the course intro. Contact us and we can provide more access to select courses as needed.

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Blended Learning

Most of our "live training" clients also utilize Illumeo's online platform to provide fully-integrated, blended learning for their employees. This brings together the best of Expertise Management with the interactivity, flexibility and specificity of live training. Blended learning allows your users multiple avenues for learning and each type of learning can helpfully reinforce the others.

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