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In the past it was easy to learn about how to become a more effective human resources professional: just go to a conference or two every year, hire in some consultants for on-site training, and work alongside your manager to get that valuable OTJ training.

Those days don't seem so far away, but they're never coming back. That live human resources training is too expensive and too time-consuming - and noone likes doing work email until midnight while cruising not-really-important-for-me sessions all day. Those consultants are almost prohibitively costly, and with so many employees traveling and intensely busy, most don't have time to schedule days of training and those live sessions are not well utilized. And on-the-job training? Well, not many managers have time for that. You're lucky to get 15 minutes here or there of your managers time. You'll have to learn on your own.

Good thing Illumeo is here for your anytime, anywhere HR learning needs. Get top human resources courses taught by seasoned practitioners and get it whenever you need it, at an instant's notice, at a price even your CFO will love. No more travel to conferences that don't have quite what you need. No more midnight email due to time-consuming "scheduled" learning. Just your learning needs, at your pace, when it works for your schedule.


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