Illumeo for the Enterprise

From team-based learning to enterprise-wide Expertise Management, Illumeo’s solutions easily scale to meet your needs


Building A Competitive Workforce for the 21st Century

Illumeo enables you to continuously assess, benchmark, and improve the capabilities of individual employees, teams, and entire organizations. Unlike traditional learning management systems, Illumeo's platform fully integrates function-based competency assessments with industry benchmarks, targeted learning content, detailed dashboards and reports. Essentially all the tools you need to build sustainable competitive advantage through your people for the 21st century and beyond.

To make it even easier, Illumeo can provide secure single sign-on (SSO) via integration with your internal authentication systems, and we can integrate with your existing LMS, sharing courses, usage data, and more. For those wanting a strategic/managed approach to their organization's employees, Illumeo is the answer.

Assess, Plan, Learn, Do

Full Cycle Professional Development

Illumeo offers deep functional learning content simply not found anywhere else. So, even if your company has a learning management system (LMS), your employees are probably not receiving the specific training they need.

Illumeo's approach to professional development includes:

  • Competency assessments to establish baseline ratings for each employee
  • Benchmark-based analysis to identify specific learning paths for each learner
  • Personalized development plans that include recommended courses to fill identified gaps based on the learner's target job title
  • Unlimited library access to 4,000+ video lessons and 600+ full-length courses delivered by expert practitioners


Deliver In-House Training Globally, With CPE

Illumeo’s self-authoring tools make it simple to create and publish on demand training courses. So, for repetitive training like onboarding, create a course once then enable your employees to take it at their convenience. You'll save thousands of hours of wasted trainer time. Plus, we can get any qualifying course CPE credit for on-demand learning via our process and platform.

Any internal training in any functional area is a good target for on demand courses. You can also make live training more effective with blended learning. Use on demand courses as prerequisites to live training, saving time during your face-to-face sessions to dive deeper into important issues, role play, or discuss and answer questions from your team.

Functional assessment

Functional Skills Assessments

The hardest part of developing great employees is knowing where to start: without a clear picture of what they know and what you need, it’s impossible to start making them better - and your company more productive.

Illumeo's Assessment Framework provides expert-built functional assessments for corporate finance, accounting, HR, sales and marketing. You can even build custom assessments, covering the topics that are most vital to your business. With assessment results it's easy to build personalized development plans for each professional to help them - and your entire company - achieve excellence.


Compliance Training

Large companies are magnets for lawsuits, and wow are they costly. Illumeo makes it easy to provide sexual harassment and discrimination prevention training to your team and track completion by your managers and employees. Our compliance training can help create a safer, more trusting company culture, with employees who are more aware and prepared to take action should any problems arise.

There are a myriad of financial, regulatory compliance, and other issues that Illumeo’s training can help with too. And, if a claim were ever brought against your company, demonstrating that you provided qualified training is a proven way to mitigate your risk.