Supply Chain Finance refers to a variety of financing and business processes aimed at providing short-term credit to improve the working capital situation throughout the supply chain for both buyers and sellers.

While the provision of short-term credit is not something new, connecting the financial transactions to the movement of value through a supply chain is. This is the process that lies at the heart of supply chain finance.

The supply chain network – usually referred to as the ecosystem - is a complex one. This is especially true for multinational companies that operate with suppliers all over the world. The soundness of a global supply chain isn’t simply measured by revenues and profits. A more appropriate indicator is how efficiently capital flows between buyers and suppliers. Slow moving capital, just like slow moving inventory, creates unnecessary costs and inefficiencies in a supply chain.

In order to understand how supply chain finance can help both buyers and suppliers, it is important to understand its underlying principles. This is the objective of this course. 

Learning Objectives
  • Discover what supply chain finance is and how it fits into today’s economic picture.
  • Discover the parties involved in supply chain finance transactions and their roles.
  • Explore the supply chain finance ecosystem.
  • Identify the supply chain finance mechanisms and explore their workings.
  • Recognize the benefits of supply chain finance.
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Anonymous Author
This was a good overview of the supply chain process. The materials used with the course were easy to follow and allowed for excellent review of the content. They also provide good materials to refer back to. This course provided a good foundation for diving deeper into Supply Chain Financing.

Anonymous Author
This was a good refresher on supply chain finance. It's slightly jargon-y, so you have to pay close attention to the exact terminology in order to be successful on the exam. But overall, good content.

Anonymous Author
I like the concept of this course. The audio quality made it a little difficult to follow, and I would have liked some more examples of supply chain finance in play.

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Material was well-presented. Many varieties of supply chain financing or near equivalents were explained along with the distinctions among them. Very worthwhile.

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I enjoyed the course and learning a different process outside of the Accounting field. I think it would be a good cross-training class for most to take.

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I get a very clear explanation of the topic, which I always struggle with. This course is not too lengthy and difficult to follow

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This is a helpful course, but the downloadable slides and the presentation don't match.

Anonymous Author
A great course for understanding Supply Chain Finance, easy to follow with good content.

Anonymous Author
It was a good course. I had never considered supply chain finance before.

Anonymous Author
Worthwhile course, providing a solid overview of the supply chain process.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Understanding Supply Chain Finance3:38
  Working Capital Tensions4:50
  The Mechanics of Supply Chain Finance11:45
  Supply Chain Finance Benefits11:21
  Supply Chain Finance Drivers & Benefits10:07
  Types of Supply Chain Finance10:37
  Supply Chain Finance Case Study3:39
  Course Wrap-Up1:48
  Understanding Supply Chain Finance57:45
  Slides: Understanding Supply Chain FinancePDF
  Understanding Supply Chain Finance Glossary/IndexPDF