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From start-ups in California, New York, London, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, entrepreneurs are applying their creativity and technical ingenuity all along the financial services value chain.

This wave of innovation promises a revolution in the production and consumption of financial services. Aptly combining the words “financial” and “technology” the FinTech revolution promises changes that will democratize financial services.

The FinTech revolution holds much promise.. Expected benefits include;

  • Consumers who will get more choice, better-targeted services and keener pricing.
  • Small and medium sized businesses who will get access to new credit.
  • Banks that will become more productive, with lower transaction costs, greater capital efficiency and stronger operational resilience.
  • The financial system itself that will become more resilient with greater diversity, redundancy and depth.
  • New forms of currency (like Bitcoin) that will change the way we think of and use money.
  • And most fundamentally, financial services that will be more inclusive; with people better connected, more informed and increasingly empowered.

Because of its seemingly vast and varied scope FinTech is not really understood by many in the real world, whether they be business executives, managers or staff (who fail to understand what technology can do) or technologists themselves (who may have scant knowledge of the practical needs/problems of business and finance).

This three part course is a primer to understanding FinTech in all its forms and guises.

In Part 1 we take a high level view of the FinTech world; the financial services value chain, FinTech’s definition, concept, scope and terminology. 

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

3 CoursesUnderstanding FinTech

  1. Understanding FinTech – Part 1 (FinTech Basics)
  2. Understanding FinTech – Part 2 (Financial Service Functions & Innovation Clusters)
  3. Understanding FinTech – Part 3 (Blockchain, Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies)

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the financial value chain and how FinTech is affecting it.
  • Identify the different functions that FinTech interacts with.
  • Explore the range of innovative new services that FinTech is fostering.
Last updated/reviewed: October 11, 2018

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Anonymous Author
As someone in the fintech space, part 1 was nothing novel or new. However, it was a good high level overview of what fintech is and a good primer for those who are new or looking to enter the industry. Highly recommend.
Member's Profile
Great introduction to FinTech. Had a good explanation of terms and what the function of each type of Fintech is. This is a good course for anyone wondering what all the hype is about.
Member's Profile
This course provides a nice introduction to Fintech. The length of course is appropriate. Review questions and exam are relevant to the material. An excellent introductory course!
Anonymous Author
Simple real-life examples would be useful, especially in the beginning to hold a viewer's attention. The market size and investment amounts were interesting.
Member's Profile
block chain & bitcoin, info was good; also the coverage of world wide stats on how countries bank
Anonymous Author
Comprehensive overview of a very broad subject matter. The style was a little dry, but effective.
Member's Profile
Good introduction to the basics of FinTech. A hearty glossary of terms is a nice bonus.
Member's Profile
Enjoy this instructors style. Nice first step to understanding what is on the horizon.
Member's Profile
I like how cutting edge the topic is, but the lecturer style is a bit too academic.
Member's Profile
In depth look at the different components making up the FinTech industry.
Member's Profile
The content was relevant and informative. The delivery was a little dry.
Member's Profile
Overall good course with timely banking industry information.
Member's Profile
I lerned a lot but some difficulty understanding lingo
Member's Profile
Great presenter. Felt like I was back in university.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  17:19Introduction to Understanding FinTech - Part 1
  6:16FinTech & Public Policy
  13:11Potential Impact of FinTech on Financial Stability
  7:32How FinTech can Change the World
  4:07FinTech's Scope
  8:13FinTech Terminology
  5:19FinTech's Ecosystems
  1:25Course Wrap-Up
  1:03:21Understanding FinTech - Part 1
  PDFSlides: Understanding FinTech – Part 1 (FinTech Basics)
  PDFUnderstanding FinTech – Part 1 (FinTech Basics) Glossary/Index