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Power Query is an Excel feature available within the newest versions of Excel. It used to be an add-in feature called Power Query. Microsoft calls it Power Query as well as Get and Transform and it is a business intelligence tool that allows you to retrieve data from a variety of sources, clean it and then transform or refine the data as needed. For example, you can import a database file, parse data, split or combine columns, change data types, group data and more. You can then take that transformed data back into Excel and analyze it using your preferred methods. What makes this feature exciting is that Excel records all your steps so the data in the file can automatically be refreshed with Excel retrieving the source data, applying the same steps and updating the file for you. This is a huge time saver and will also reduce errors.

Version: **This feature is only available in Excel versions starting with Excel 2016 but not all 2016 versions have it ** To, see if you have this feature, simply click on the Data tab in Excel. You should see a section of the ribbon called Get & Transform. If you do not see this section, then you do not have the Get & Transform Data feature and will not be able to do any of the exercises in this eBook. If you have the older add-in feature called Power Query you should be able to follow along just fine.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize when to use the Power Query feature and how it transforms data.
  • Identify the different parts of Power Query.
  • Identify and recognize how to clean and refine data using Power Query.
  • Recognize different data types.
  • Discover and distinguish different methods of Joining tables together.
  • Recognize how to combine and append tables or files.
Last updated/reviewed: May 17, 2022

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Anonymous Author
The information was set out very well. There were lots of examples and practice exercises. The review questions and helped solidify the information. This was great information and very practical for using in projects.
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I have some basic understanding of the Power Query process in Excel, but I learned several new items in this.
Anonymous Author
Extremely helpful and now I can handle power query issues as I suffered for this more than 5 years
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Meticulously prepared course, extremely beneficial to power query users!


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Intermediate to Advanced Knowledge in Excel.
An understanding of how databases work would be helpful but not necessary.

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Introduction And Overview
  PDFPower Query: Get & Transform Data
Course Material
  CSVWorkbook: List Cities Us 30J
  CSVWorkbook: 20190201_SnowRegions.
  CSVWorkbook: NFL2018
  XLSXWorkbook: Charts of Accounts
  XLSXWorkbook: Product Shipments
  XLSXWorkbook: Regional Sales Info
  XLSXWorkbook: 3Table Pivot
  XLSXWorkbook: Join Examples
  XLSXExercise and Answers Files
Review And Test