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This course introduces the PivotTable feature and covers all of the essentials. We start here to ensure that all participants, regardless of previous PivotTable experience, have the skills needed to do fundamental PivotTable activities and to build toward more advanced pivot table capability. We discuss the four report layout areas: rows, columns, values, and filters. We then discuss how to update PivotTable reports and ensure that any new transactions appended to the data source are included in the report. We explore how to create monthly columns and how to properly format the values in a PivotTable.

Course Series

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4 CoursesPivotTable Essentials

  1. PivotTable Essentials
  2. How to Use PivotTables instead of Formula-Based Reports
  3. PivotTable Conclusion and External Data Introduction
  4. Using PivotTables and PivotCharts to Prepare External Data

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the process to create a PivotTable report
  • Identify the four PivotTable report layout areas
  • Recognize which type of PivotTable field will create report filters
Last updated/reviewed: October 5, 2018

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This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

9 CoursesExcel for Professional Applications Certification

  1. Excel Shortcuts Training: 5 Top Productivity Boosting Shortcuts
  2. Excel Training: Skills for Better Workbook Design
  3. Excel Training: Boosting Proficiency with Selected Shortcuts (PC version)
  4. Excel Training: Mastering Fundamental Functions - IFERROR, IF, List Comparisons and More
  5. Excel Training: Tips for Improving Data Validation, Error Checking, Reporting and Other Performance Obstructions
  6. PivotTable Essentials
  7. How to Use PivotTables instead of Formula-Based Reports
  8. PivotTable Conclusion and External Data Introduction
  9. Using PivotTables and PivotCharts to Prepare External Data

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I enrolled in this believing I was already proficient in Pivot Tables, and though the general information about the Pivot Table fields and features was a review for me, I loved learning about the keyboard shortcuts for dialog boxes that will minimize the amount of time I spend clicking in Excel. I also enjoyed the different methods of changing value displays and collapsing/expanding/grouping fields that Jeff demonstrated. Great for beginners and regular/experienced Pivot Table users alike!
Member's Profile
The course provided a lot of detail. It would have been best if I completed it in one setting. I learned a lot from the Groups & Subtotals chapter. Jeff adds a little humor and is always upbeat which makes the course interesting.
Anonymous Author
The coarse is great. I had little experience with pivot tables and this coarse is very helpful. I think creating a pivot table should be included in the exam.
Anonymous Author
Great course! I enjoyed working through the exercises as I watched. I had to pause the playback a few times to keep up, but I loved the pace.
Member's Profile
This was a very good course. It walked you through common errors in addition to showing you how it was supposed to work.
Member's Profile
Jeff just has a knack for breaking down the data to a level that is easy to comprehend and I absolutely love his humor:)
Member's Profile
I use pivot tables a lot and I still learned things I didn't know and how to do some things faster. Very helpful.
Anonymous Author
Good examples of how to create, use and format pivot tables. Presentation is easy to follow.
Anonymous Author
This was an excellent course to familiarize somebody with pivot tables and how to use them.
Member's Profile
Jeff does a great job and is a great teacher. He made it very understandable I thought.
Member's Profile
thorough coverage of pivot tables. I have immediately started seeing the benefits.
Anonymous Author
well organized tutorial, easy to understand, course material is very good.
Member's Profile
The instructor was easy to understand and used great examples.
Anonymous Author
Excellent course


Course Complexity: Foundational

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  2:16Chapter 1: Overview
  6:34Chapter 2: Selected Shortcuts
  9:33Chapter 3: PivotTable Basics
  6:17Chapter 4: Row Fields
  12:33Chapter 5: Value Fields
  3:40Chapter 6: Column Fields
  4:10Chapter 7: Filter Fields
  11:02Chapter 8: Updating Data
  12:47Chapter 9: Groups and Subtotals
  5:28Chapter 10: Value Formats
  1:14:18PivotTable Essentials
  ZIPSupporting Files: PivotTable Essentials
  PDFPivotTable Essentials Glossary
  quizReview Questions
 examFinal Exam