In this course, we discuss how in effective organizations, the vision, values, and purpose derive from the convictions of people in the organization and inform all other components of the organization. We start with a brief overview of how when the core components of effective organizations are in alignment with the vision, values, and purpose, they are more likely to be in alignment with one another and lead to effective work in a sustainable organization. 

This leads to a conversation about how a systems-led approach to Organization Development (OD) is essential in creating sustained organizational performance, takes longer than you think, and can be messy.  Then we explore how OD is the process through which an organization develops an internal capacity to sustain itself over the long term.  This course offers a critical perspective on organization development and highlights the direct connection between a commitment to ongoing OD approaches and the achievement of organizational purpose.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover how alignment to vision, values and purpose leads to effective work in a sustainable organization.
  • Identify how a systems-led approach to Organization Development (OD) is essential in creating sustained organizational performance.
  • Explore how Organization Development (OD) is the process through which an organization develops an internal capacity to sustain itself over the long term.


Last updated/reviewed: August 28, 2023

Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

11 CoursesOrganization Development Certification

  1. History and Evolution of Organization Development (OD) and Change
  2. Organization Development (OD) in Practice
  3. Organization Development (OD): The Diagnostic Phase
  4. Designing Organization Development (OD) Interventions
  5. Appreciative Inquiry in Practice
  6. Organization Development (OD): The Evaluation Phase
  7. Organizational Frameworks
  8. Organization Design Theory and Practice
  9. Leading Change and the Use of Self
  10. Ethical and Professional Practice
  11. Organizational Development: A Tool Kit for People-Led Change (Article)
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I appreciate the instructor's commentary, however this section was surface-level, just describing the concepts without providing examples or context. Both would have helped make a richer content presentation.

Anonymous Author
Another great course. This one takes a deep dive into organizations as systems. I found the part abut story-telling to to be especially useful. Stories help embed the purpose and create reality for people.

Anonymous Author
Good intro to different frameworks. Nonetheless, it would have been better to have a summary table to show which frameworks are suitable to which scenarios. Right now, it's still a bit ambiguous.

Anonymous Author
I like that part about organization components. It validated my belief that we should find the connection and effect of each element in the organization to the entire organization.

Anonymous Author
This presentation emphasized theory but offered little that can be used practically. The bottom line message - contract with an OD consultant.

Anonymous Author
Good course, even though a bit more variety of frameworks could have been discussed. Still, great overview and good material!

Anonymous Author
The webinar helps you to explore connections across the organisation in relation to the vision

Anonymous Author
overall good content. This one wasn't as good as some of the others but good stuff nonetheless

Member's Profile
Very Confusing Chapters. I wish there was clear examples to understand.

Anonymous Author
The course was very informative and presented the content well.

Anonymous Author
A great course on Organizational Frameworks and change.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Organizational Frameworks17:15
Organizational Frameworks
  Effective Work in a Sustainable Organization 12:22
  Effective Work in a Sustainable Organization Continued..8:57
  A Systems-Led Approach to OD11:54
  Developing an Internal Capacity6:28
  The Connection Between Commitment and OD5:31
  Organizational Frameworks1:05:09
  Slides: Organizational FrameworksPDF
  Organizational Frameworks Glossary/IndexPDF