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When your employees don’t bring their best to work each day, your business suffers. But when you learn the keys to motivating your staff, your organization can reach its full potential.

The number one challenge working managers face is trying to balance the task of leading their people while still getting their own work done.  With deadlines to meet and the pressure of leading their staff, many managers feel like they cannot do it all. This causes managers to become overly task focused, failing to adequately spend time motivating and engaging their employees.

But motivating your staff does not have to be complicated; it only takes spending the little time you have on the activities that bring the greatest results. The key is to know which activities have the greatest impact on employee engagement. This is what the Maximizing Employee Engagement course teaches you. This course equips you to leverage proven engagement drivers resulting in an increase in the motivation and productivity of your team.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify six engagement drivers that will increase motivation.
  • Discover three questions to help your staff feel more purposeful at work.
  • Recognize how to establish a motivation plan for your team.
  • Explore how to master a simple framework for giving employee recognition that inspires your people.



Last updated/reviewed: May 28, 2022

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This course was fun, and easy to watch. The instructor is a great story teller and had a fun way of weaving one main story throughout all the aspects. Employee engagement is a powerful concept, and even those of us who already try to focus on it can learn from this course. My one complaint is the 1.5 hours of credit. The lecture was 1:56:30, and then with the quiz and the exam it takes over 2 hours to complete the course, so the amount of credit awarded is not commensurate with the time the class takes.
Anonymous Author
I loved the practical examples used throughout this course. It broke concepts down into easy to understand, actionable items. I liked the story the instructor used throughout for how he was motivated to climb a mountain - it really helped to solidify the ideas.
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The speaker was the best communicator I have heard yet. He offers great practical advice that I can use for both my own performance and for enhancing the performance of my team. Time well spent.
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I highly recommend this course. It was probably my most favorite course thus far. The presenter was well-spoken and impactful. His stories also help to keep you interested and wanting more.
Anonymous Author
The speaker was very entertaining. He provided several stories and examples that were relatable. I learned a lot from this course which I can definitely apply into my work.
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This course offers some great building blocks for maintaining amazing performance at a company. I especially liked the section on Purpose.
Anonymous Author
this course had many good ideas and a plan to improve engagement. Many of the ideas will be easy to implement
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Good course. Gives specific and realistic examples of how to execute motivating employees.
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Well-produced course with great information on helping people to be more effective.
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Great direction on a tough area of management, how to engage employees.
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Great course, great content, not limiting only to "what" but also "how".


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  13:25Introduction to Maximizing Employee Engagement
  14:34The Power of a Weighted Relationship
PART 2 Increasing Staff Engagement
  9:09Engagement Drivers
Part 3 The Job as Motivation
  7:46Course Summary
Continuous Play
  1:56:30Maximizing Employee Engagement
  PDFSlides: Maximizing Employee Engagement
  PDFMaximizing Employee Engagement Glossary/Index