Today’s field sales managers are challenged by expanded sales teams, greater responsibility, and competitive pressures, and they need a performance management system to facilitate decisions, accelerate sales growth, and minimize turnover.  Managing Sales Performance will help you analyze a wide range of performance indicators that many managers overlook, such as proactive develop of their people by identifying gains and gaps in performance, determining the root causes of performance problems, and choosing from a wide menu of  the most appropriate actions to reinforce gains and eliminate gaps.

The system starts with 10 Success Factors that interact and are the most important skills and behaviors for sales success. When performance is off, the sales manager searches parallel Gaps and Gains and sub-skills for each Success Factor to identify Gaps.  When a specific Gap is consistently repeated, the sales manager determines the cause, if possible, before taking action.  10 actions are covered for both improving Gaps and reinforcing Gains. Participants learn to use the "Sales Performance Model" and are equipped with a quarterly tool for tracking each sales person’s performance.  

Learning Objectives
  • Discover the importance of managing each sales rep’s total performance.
  •  Explore a system for highlighting gains and gaps in skills and behavior so improvement/reinforcement can be made.
  •  Identify 10 manager actions designed to improve individual sales performance.
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Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

8 CoursesPorter Henry Sales Manager Certification

  1. Sales Coaching for Results
  2. Virtual Sales Coaching
  3. Counseling for Improved Sales Performance
  4. Managing Sales Performance
  5. Optimizing the Sales Manager’s Time to Achieve Priorities – Allocating/Saving Time for Top Priorities and Efficiency
  6. Recruiting and Selecting Sales Stars
  7. Sales Leadership 1 – Creating a Sales Vision
  8. Sales Leadership 2 – Influencing and Motivating the Sales Team
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Sales is performance will always be a critical part of any organization. This course identifies the key basic elements to know and use when assessing performance and , more importantly, improving performance.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

There is no advanced preparation required. You can download a valuable Managing Sales Performance tool and Managing Sales Performance System chart that will improve your management abilities. We also recommend that you complete related courses: Sales Coaching for Results, and Sales Leadership courses 1 & 2. 

Education Provider Information
Company: Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Instructor for this course
Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Managing Sales Performance2:44
  Sales Management System7:06
  Success Factors 11:15
  Sales Manager Actions8:37
  Steps in Monitoring the Sales Team4:53
  Communicating Expectations and Conclusion10:45
  Managing Sales Performance45:21
Supporting Materials
  Slides: Managing Sales PerformancePDF
  Managing Sales Performance Glossary/IndexPDF
  MSP Sales Team Performance Plan SampleDOC
  MSP Performance Plan FoldoutDOC