In this course Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, helps you get started with Excel's Macro Recorder. Most users are unaware of the automation possibilities that macros present, and so this course is designed to show you how to automate simple repetitive tasks in your daily work.

The course begins by introducing the concept of Excel macros as well as the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro. David also explains step-by-step how to use the Record Macro feature and Excel’s Personal Macro Workbook.

Next David shows you how to enhance the code you’ve created with the Record Macro feature by adding error-handling functions, decision-making capabilities, and interactive features. In addition, David presents techniques, features, and keyboard shortcuts that will help you eliminate repetitive tasks and become more proficient utilizing Excel macros.

David then shows you how to create a macro that can reset workbooks that have skewed scrollbars, as well as a second macro that can be used to instantly unhide all worksheets in a workbook at once. David goes deeper into making decisions in programming code by comparing If and Select Case statements. He also contrasts three ways of creating loops in Excel: For Each, Do While, and Do Until. In addition, David explains how to troubleshoot problematic loops in Excel, which in certain instances can cause Excel to crash.

Finally, David introduces you to the concept of UserForms. Step-by-step, David walks you through the process of creating custom dialog boxes that can add interactivity in Excel and better manage a user’s actions. He then builds a custom printing interface that he dubbed “Plug and Print,” which allows you to pick and choose the worksheets to print from any workbook. He also teaches you how to create a basic UserForm for prompting users to input data, including all the required fields. And you’ll see how to move module sheets and UserForms between workbooks, as well as how to remove them from workbooks when they’re no longer needed.

Learning Objectives
  • Discover what an Excel macro is.
  • Recognize how to unhide and hide the Personal Macro Workbook in Excel as needed.
  • Identify actions to take when you make a mistake while recording a macro and how to disable a line of programming code.
  • Discover how to adjust Excel's Macro Security Settings
  • Identify which rows in a spreadsheet are affected when you filter data and the location of hidden macro-related features in Excel.
  • Distinguish a method in Visual Basic for Applications from objects, variables, and other concepts.
  • Identify how to safely create shortcut keys for Excel macros without overriding built-in keyboard shortcuts and enhance user feedback in message boxes with icons.
  • Identify the keyboard shortcut that allows you to step through programming code one line at a time and halt a running macro.
Last updated/reviewed: August 21, 2023
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Excellent. I'm an advanced Excel user and knew a fair amount of this but still learned some things. The format is spot on and the presentation was excellent, both the presenter and the material. Good choice of projects to work through, written material is good, pace was just right, explanations were great, and everything was clear.

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This course provides an extremely detailed walkthrough of Excel macro functionality from basic macro recording to detailed syntax of powerful macro construction. The class is extremely hands-on, and I'd recommend following along in your VB Editor to make the most out of the course.

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Good intro, but not the easiest to follow along with if you're new. I came in with a bit of prior macro and coding experience and while the explanation is thorough, it may be a bit too quick paced for those completely new to the realm of macros and coding.

Anonymous Author
Great introductory course on most useful macros that can easily be created. Instructor gives a good introduction on how the coding syntax is used to create macros as well as how to troubleshoot errors that may arise.

Anonymous Author
This is a useful course, however, I fell that it should have been broken up into 4 or so different courses to make it easier on the user. Also, Not all users may want to do the entire 8 hour course.

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Great author and the right material. David knows how to explain the most difficult material in the VBA. I need this knowledge and I will immediately use it in my work

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Good overview of how to use macros in Excel. Good examples and demonstration on how to use them.

Anonymous Author
I only needed the basics to do a macro that wasn't covered

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The way David simplifies this complex subject is great.

Anonymous Author
I have a learned a lot from the courses. Thank you.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course.

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Excel Efficiency: Intro to Macros Part 1
  Excel Efficiency: Intro to Macros Part 11:41:47
  REVIEW QUESTION:Excel Efficiency: Intro to Macros Part 1quiz
Excel Efficiency : Intro to Macros Part 2
  Excel Efficiency : Intro to Macros Part 21:42:12
  REVIEW QUESTION:Excel Efficiency: Intro to Macros Part 2quiz
Excel Efficiency : Intro to Macros Part 3
  Excel Efficiency : Intro to Macros Part 31:48:25
  REVIEW QUESTION:Excel Efficiency: Intro to Macros Part 3quiz
Excel Efficiency : Intro to Macros Part 4
  Excel Efficiency : Intro to Macros Part 41:45:16
  REVIEW QUESTION:Excel Efficiency: Intro to Macros Part 4quiz
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