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In this course Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, covers what he deems to be the best new features in Excel 2016. Some features were introduced in Excel 2013, so you'll be able to catch up if you sat that version out.

You'll see new chart types, such as the Waterfall chart for illustrating financial statements, as well as nuances such as the funnel chart and a handful of new worksheet functions available to Office 365 subscribers, but not users who have purchased perpetual licenses for Excel 2016. You'll get a sense of the new Forecast feature, a handful of new chart types, and see how to avoid accidentally shutting Excel 2016 down until you're ready.

  • Discover how to disable worksheet animation.
  • Discover new worksheet functions available in Excel 2016.
  • Explore the Recommended Charts feature in Excel 2013 and later.
  • Illustrate financial statements in Excel 2016 with the new Waterfall chart feature.
  • Overcome user interface annoyances by making simple adjustments to Excel’s options.
  • Use Box and Whisker charts in Excel 2016 to show data by quartiles and identify outliers.
  • Use Excel 2016’s Sunburst chart for displaying hierarchical data in a circular chart.
  • Use Excel 2016’s Treemap chart to visualize data based on relative size.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify keyboard shortcuts that discretely close workbooks or Excel itself.
  • Discover the new chart type best suited for illustrating financial statements.
  • Identify the new chart type that allows you to spatially compare amounts.
  • Explore new worksheet functions available to certain Excel 2016 users.




Last updated/reviewed: June 04, 2018

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Great overview of the new features in Excel 2013 & 2016. Also explained the differences between licensed and 365 version which I did not know about. I recommend this class to those upgrading to the new version of Excel.
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Material covered several things I was not aware of including all the new types of charts in Excel 2016 some of which could be useful in the future.
Anonymous Author
As always, David delivers a very clear and concise overview of the features that affect accountants the most. Much appreciated.
Anonymous Author
Great overview on the new features of Excel 2016. Liked the supporting spreadsheet files to practice the work being taught.
I liked learning how to perform functions, but didn't enjoy the detailed comparison of versions of Excel.
Anonymous Author
We are going to be using Office 365 soon, and this course explained a lot of the new features.
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Excellent review of the changes to Excel version 2016. I would highly recommend this course.
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Note: Almost all of these new features are only available to 365 subscribers!
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Enjoyed listing to the instructor and his teaching methods.
Anonymous Author
Instructor was effective and detailed.
Anonymous Author
Learn a lot. Many thanks.
Anonymous Author
Easy to understand
Anonymous Author
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Well done


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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I enjoyed learning some new excel tricks...will take this again once I sharpen up on my formulas. this was a bit over my head but I still learned

Course Syllabus
  1:45Introduction to Excel Efficiency: Excel 2016 Overview
  8:27Overview of Excel 2016
  10:46Disabling Worksheet Animation and Working with Charts
  10:40Working with Charts
  6:29Funnel Charts
  10:51Worksheet Function Evolution
Formulas and Conclusion
  10:10 Excel 2016 Formula AutoCorrect, working with Formulas and Conclusion
Continuous Play
  59:08Excel Efficiency: Excel 2016 Overview
  PDFSlides: Excel Efficiency: Excel 2016 Overview
  PDFExcel Efficiency: Excel 2016 Overview Glossary/Index
  XLSXExcel Efficiency Excel 2016 Overview-Excel 2007-2016
  XLSExcel Efficiency Excel 2016 Overview-Excel 2003