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In this outstanding course, Excel expert David Ringstrom, CPA, will expand your knowledge of pivot tables and show you step-by-step how to manipulate pivot table data faster and more efficiently. You’ll learn how to extract data from Microsoft Access databases and other sources, minimize repetitive steps in Excel by creating keyboard shortcuts, and adapt simple macros that can be recorded. In addition, David discusses several helpful Excel features, including the Table feature, PivotTable feature, Slicer feature, Linked Picture feature, the PowerPivot feature, and others.

David demonstrates every technique at least twice: first, on a PowerPoint slide with numbered steps, and second, in Excel 2016. He’ll draw to your attention any differences in Excel 2013, 2010, or 2007 during the presentation as well as in his detailed handouts. David also provides an Excel workbook that includes most of the examples he uses during the webcast.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating dynamic and interactive graphs with Excel’s PivotChart feature.
  • Discovering the Recommended PivotTables feature.
  • Launching macros that clean up pivot tables with a single mouse click.
  • Learning the nuances associated with subtotaling data within a pivot table.
  • Learning how the Table feature can vastly improve the integrity of pivot tables in Excel.
  • Incorporating calculations within or alongside pivot tables.
  • Learning how to expand and collapse pivot table elements, thereby avoiding information overload.
  • Gaining control of unruly pivot table data by creating a macro that can automatically transform all count fields into sums and apply number formatting in one fell swoop.
  • Mitigating the side effects of converting a table back to a normal range of cells.
  • Compiling unwieldy data into the format required for pivot table analysis quickly and easily.
  • Staving off frustration by filling blank cells within any columns that contain numbers with zeros before you create pivot tables.

This course is Part 3 of a 3 part series:

Part 1: Excel Efficiency: Pivot Tables

Part 2: Excel Efficiency: Intermediate Pivot Tables


Learning Objectives

  • Identify how to summarize pivot table data in new ways by grouping based on dates or custom arrangements that you define.
  • Recognize when and why to apply the Slicer feature. 
  • Discover how to clean up your pivot tables with a mouse click.
Last updated/reviewed: May 4, 2022

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Anonymous Author
Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables - great course. I especially liked the section on dashboards. My only wish was that an .mdb file was provided so the students can use this hands on in the beginning chapter(s)
Anonymous Author
I have encountered some of the issues David described and was not aware of the solutions until this course. I enjoyed learning about the tips and tricks to solve these issues and other interesting functions.
Anonymous Author
David's courses are awesome. I have taken most of them as I find the his style and presentations to be most helpful and very applicable to my everyday work. Excellent courses.
Member's Profile
Very exhaustive and useful (Though focusing on task is at times difficult with so many scenarios). However, course is useful from practical perspective
Member's Profile
Outstanding course with some advanced, time saving techniques. I have already setup the pivot table macros and am using them consistently. Thanks!
Member's Profile
It would be nice to be able to work along side the teacher for a more hands on experience, but I am taking away more knowledge than I came with.
Anonymous Author
Very informative course with clear steps for accomplishing each task. Following along with the examples helps to reinforce each lesson as well.
Member's Profile
Some of it seem to overlap with the intermediate course. It would also be great if their were separate videos for each version of excel
Member's Profile
Very useful information to know with great examples and detailed instructions. I keep adding to my toolbox as I take these classes.
Anonymous Author
This was a very helpful course with advanced practical technics in using a Pivot Table. Lots of useful information.
Member's Profile
David Ringstrom is an excellent instructor. This course provided solutions to many of my Excel headaches.
Member's Profile
Goes a little beyond the intermediate course. As usual, many helpful tips and techniques.
Member's Profile
Really appreciate the sharing of the two macro coding, extremely useful!
Member's Profile
Got to learn some new functionalities within Pivot tables


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Program Prerequisites: Previous Experience with Excel Pivot Tables

Advance Preparation: None

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Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  6:08Introduction to Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables
  8:52Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-2
  6:04Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-3
  7:44Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-4
  8:01Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-5
  9:48Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-6
  8:34Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-7
  7:17Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-8
  8:07Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-9
  9:21Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-10
  6:56Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-11
  8:30Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Chapter-12
  1:40:24Excel Efficiency: Advanced Pivot Tables Full Video
  PDFSlides: Excel Efficiency - Advanced Pivot Tables
  PDFExcel Efficiency - Advanced Pivot Tables Glossary/Index
  XLSXWorkbook: Excel Efficiency - Advanced Pivot Tables