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This class provides a financial overview of the entrepreneurial journey from startup to operational decisions to exit planning. You’ll hear from a business banker guest speaker who explains what lenders look at when deciding whether to make a loan to a small business.

You’ll learn:

  • Why and how entrepreneurs start companies
  • Business structure selection
  • Sources of cash
  • Financial struggles of small businesses
  • Small business cash flow management
  • The financial components of a business plan
  • Strategic planning
  • Key small business financial metrics
  • Pricing and profitability analysis
  • Risk management
  • Exit planning


This course comes from recordings of an Entrepreneurial Finance class the author teaches to MBA students at a university. The author has been the CFO, SVP of Finance, or Director of Operations at multiple small and medium-sized companies.

Course Key Concepts: Business entities, Business structures, Business plans, Strategic planning, Financial metrics, Pricing, Cash flow management, Profitability, Risk management, Exit planning, Entrepreneur.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the sources of cash for a small business.
  • Explore types of business structures.
  • Recognize key financial components of business plans and strategic planning.
  • Discover the lending criteria for business loans.
  • Explore how to assess the profitability of pricing changes.
Last updated/reviewed: May 15, 2022

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Anonymous Author
I really like this instructor. There is a lot of content in the materials, even if all of it is not reviewed in the video. I know that I will refer back to this information in the future.
Anonymous Author
This course covered some great information, much of it relevant to my job since I consult with many owners of small franchise businesses. The course summarized some very important topics.
Anonymous Author
I enjoyed the course and thought it was a good overview of the financial challenges/factors to consider in starting a small business...
Anonymous Author
This course has a great overview of the basics of small business/entrepreneurial finance. Rob is a great speaker too.
Member's Profile
Class covered a wide range of topics and the instructor was an excellent speaker. good review of business basics.
Anonymous Author
Good review course even if very long and great reference for many of the basic business concepts.
Anonymous Author
Great course. As a CFO in a start-up, these topics are highly relevant and useful to consider.
Anonymous Author
this was a good overview of small business financial management issues facing entrepreneurs
Anonymous Author
I'm ready to start a business! This answers a lot of questions for small business owners!
Anonymous Author
This course was engaging and informative. Great overview on entrepreneurial finance.


Course Complexity: Foundational

The MBA students who take this course watch my Managing Cash Flow course before we meet as a class. This provides some background detail for some cash flow concepts covered in this course. You can watch that course for more background information for those lessons or just watch this course for a short overview I give for concepts from that course and the items I want to highlight from that course.

Education Provider Information

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Course Syllabus
  2:02Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics
  11:17Purpose of Your Company
  10:18Startup Survey and Roles of an Entrepreneur
  19:49Business Banking Guest Speaker-Part 1
  22:23Business Banking Guest Speaker-Part 2
  14:55Sources of Cash
  2:35Buy or Franchise
  11:33CPA - Types of Structures
  5:10Business Structures Financial Considerations
  2:52How Small Businesses Get Into Financial Trouble
  14:28Business Plan Example
  5:50Strategic Planning Part 1
  18:56Strategic Planning Part 2
  12:24Cash Flow Management
  3:37Financial Metrics
  10:32Business Growth
  12:47Marginal Profitability and Pricing Analysis
  4:02Pricing and Profitability Example
  6:47Risk Management
  4:19Exit Planning
  3:16:30Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics
  PDFSlides: Entrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics
  PDFEntrepreneurial Finance: Small Business Financial Management Basics Glossary/ Index