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The Journal of Accountancy stated that audiences understand and remember numerical information more easily when a CPA presents it visually as well as verbally. This course covers the basics of creating, editing and formatting a chart and more. It also shows you how to create a default chart as well as a custom chart. It discusses different chart types such as a combination chart, 2 y axis chart, stock charts, funnel charts and waterfall charts. The course also discusses how to efficiently link your Excel charts into PowerPoint and Word so that your presentations are always up-to-date.

Review Questions and Final Exam are completed under section "Review and Test".

Learning Objectives

  • Identify between the different chart types and recognize their components so that they can select the appropriate chart type to use for a particular presentation.
  • Recognize the different steps involved in creating charts.
  • Recognize how to edit existing charts by resizing, changing chart type, moving chart elements and adding/ deleting data series by using contextual tabs menus and short cut keys
  • Recognize how to apply formatting techniques, such as colors and inserting objects such as graphics, to a chart.
  • Recognize how to change the default chart type.
  • Recognize the steps required to create custom chart types and how to save them as templates to improve efficiency.
  • Identify between the different methodologies of linking Excel data and using static Excel data into PowerPoint presentations.
  • Recognize how fonts, colors, graphics, documentation and printing can impact the professionalism of a PowerPoint presentation.
Last updated/reviewed: June 9, 2021

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Anonymous Author
Good, practical tips on how to use all of the different chart features in Excel, as well as some pointers on how to create effective charts and presentations. This would be a good course if presenting via slides/charts is a large portion of your work.
Anonymous Author
There were several good hints and tips included with this program. I have built several graphs and I still learned a few tips and tricks.
Anonymous Author
Course is well developed and put together. Great information, I learned a lot.
Member's Profile
I have been using Excel for many years but this course gave me useful tips.
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Very useful information about the major areas of Excel charts.
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I liked that it's pdf and text based. Easy to follow along.


Course Complexity: Foundational

This course is written for Excel 2019 and Microsoft Office 365 users. However, users with Excel 2016 should have little difficulty. A basic understanding of file management (how to open and save files) is assumed. You should be comfortable using Excel at a basic level.

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