This course covers the computation of corporate taxable income, including:

  • The corporate tax formula
  • Accounting period and methods
  • What is included in income and limitations on business deductions
  • Tax treatment of gains and losses on the disposition of business assets,
    • Sec. 1231, Sec. 1245, and Sec. 291 Gains
  • Cost Recovery deductions, including immediate expensing and bonus depreciation
  • Amortization of organization and start-up costs
  • Charitable Contribution deduction
  • Dividends Received Deduction
  • Net Operating Loss Deduction
Learning Objectives
  • Explore how to compute corporate taxable income including which deductions have been repealed/reduced in tax years 2018 and beyond
  • Explore tax minimization strategies regarding the sale and disposition of business assets
  • Explore how to minimize taxable income through the acquisition of business assets eligible for immediate expensing and bonus depreciation
  • Explore how to amortize organization and start-up costs
  • Explore how to maximize the charitable contribution deduction
  • Explore how to compute the dividends received deduction
  • Explore how to compute the Net Operating Loss carryforward
Last updated/reviewed: August 13, 2023
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Quite complex. Took a while to get through all examples, review and test. Recommend for people who would like to get into details of the calculation of the taxable income. This is not an overview course.

Anonymous Author
I found this course to be challenging from the standpoint of delivery and content. The examples provided do not sufficiently explain some of the concepts.

Anonymous Author
great course, very informative...the examples were clear and consise

Anonymous Author
Computing corporate taxable income after 2017 was a helpful course

Anonymous Author
I learned a ton in this class. It was thorough and entertaining.

Anonymous Author
Good material covered in this review course, would take again.

Anonymous Author
Great summary of the corporate income tax and expense rules.

Anonymous Author
good one, I did learn new information, I didnt know before

Course Complexity: Advanced

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Computing Corporate Taxable Income After 20172:37
  Overview of Corporate Taxable Income15:01
  Overview of Corporate Taxable Income Continued...9:40
  Property Dispositions11:11
  Property Dispositions Continued...11:36
  Cost Recovery Deductions10:41
  Amortization Expense4:07
  Charitable Contributions10:36
  Dividends Received Deduction13:05
  Net Operating Losses and Conclusion5:12
  Computing Corporate Taxable Income After 2017 Full Video1:33:44
  Slides: Computing Corporate Taxable Income After 2017PDF
  Computing Corporate Taxable Income After 2017 Glossary/IndexPDF