This course covers the computation of corporate taxable expense, including:

  • Corporate tax compliance issues
  • Computation of the corporate tax expense including new taxes on large and multinational corporations
  • Computation of the effective tax rate after the 2017 tax act
  • Understanding and determining when to take advantage of various Business Tax Credits
Learning Objectives
  • Explore the compliance issues relating to the filing of a corporate tax return, including the requirement to reconcile financial and taxable income on Schedule M-1, including the computation of corporate estimated tax payments
  • Explore how to compute the Effective Tax Rate versus the Statutory Tax Rate and what strategies can be employed to reduce the effective tax rate
  • Explore the scope and importance of the most significant business tax credits
  • Explore the various business tax credits available to businesses
  • Explore how to take advantage of the Health Insurance Tax Credit for Small Employers
Last updated/reviewed: March 10, 2024
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The effort to cover the TCJA completely was arrived at the cost of too little coverage in some important areas of the law. The limits placed on the discussion of the AMT and the BEAT are examples of areas where a deeper dive may have been appropriate. Additionally, the examples are in some instances out of date. These should be updated or replaced. The examples tended to be confusing due to the effort to "short cut" the calculations in the name of efficiency?? Thank you. Every course has its powerful points.

Anonymous Author
The review and exam questions weren't great- there were definitely a few mistakes and/or tricky questions (such as one with multiple correct answers). The slides need to be updated to reflect new dates, or simply take this information out as it is no longer accurate. There is good information in here, but it should be reviewed/updated for accuracy.

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Fulfills objectives as outlined by instructor. However, some of the information is dated, for example, the due dates of corporate returns have been changed since instructor recorded course.

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This corporation taxation course was a good review course. The examples were relevant and easy to follow. I love the review questions. They help in determining the focus.

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A lot of useful information. Part of the course has some repetition from the course "Computing Corporate Taxable Income".

Anonymous Author
Course provided good overview on how to compute corporate tax expense along with other tax related topics.

Anonymous Author
This course is a comprehensive overview of the guidance with helpful slides and examples.

Anonymous Author
Great course. I enjoyed the time spent on all the tax credits. Great overview.

Anonymous Author
Computing Corporate Tax Expense After 2017 was a helpful refresher

Course Complexity: Advanced

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course. However, it is recommended to take the other courses in the series prior to completing this one.

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Computing Corporate Tax Expense After 20173:24
  Form 1120 Overview: Schedules M-1, M-2, and M-317:26
  Form 1120 Overview: Corporate Estimated Tax Payment & Required Payment redo8:20
  Form 1120 Overview: Additional Taxes Imposed by the 2017 Tax Act4:55
  Form 1120 Overview: AMT Credit Carryover from 20179:11
  Form 1120 Overview: AMT Credit Carryover from 2017 Continued...15:03
  Computing the Effective Tax Rate: Tax Rate Reconcillation8:03
  Major Business Tax Credits: Overivew & Research and Experimentation Credit15:39
  Work Opportunity Tax Credit6:29
  Other Tax Credits17:33
  Health Insurance Tax Credit for Small Employers & Conclusion8:38
  Computing Corporate Tax Expense After 2017 Full Video1:54:40
  Slides: Computing Corporate Tax Expense After 2017PDF
  Computing Corporate Tax Expense After 2017 Glossary/IndexPDF