This course is designed for all executives wanting professional and personal growth and all experts offering them perspective – a mirror – and a good ear. It is intended to assist those internal coaches and mentors as well as those hired to coach or consult specific executives. It is also a way for C-level executives to get a “taste” of what coaching would be like were they to hire one.

The distinctions between coaching, consulting and mentoring are not always completely clear and examples of using all three modalities are discussed as we offer what we consider to be the best rules for coaching.

Coaching examples and tips – some of which include consulting and/or mentoring - are designed to pique the curiosity of those seeking advancement, and offer techniques for those that will aid them in that quest.


Learning Objectives
  • Explore how to ask questions designed to get the client to think him/herself.
  • Discover the importance of letting the client lead almost all the time
  • Recognize that from a list of values people prioritize differently – and need to live by their values
  • Identify the basic rules of coaching (or mentoring – consulting)
Last updated/reviewed: August 19, 2023
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Anonymous Author
This course provided a foundational overview and helpful tactics to consider when coaching executive leaders. ArLyne presented the content in an engaging manner and provided good supporting materials to highlight key concepts. I particularly enjoyed the refresher on Myers-Briggs and DISC types as it's been a while since I've revisited these assessments.

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Course seemed disorganized and did not flow well. I didn’t care for the section about the examples of clients the instructor had coached.

Anonymous Author
This was a good introduction on how to coach. If you are looking to be coached then you need to find another course.

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Learned about other types of testing than Meyers Briggs and the typical buckets people are placed.

Course Complexity: Intermediate
  • No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to CEO Coaching4:04
  The Client18:09
  Commonly Accepted "Rules" of Coaching3:10
  Some Examples of Clients10:03
  How to Coach5:54
Continuous Play
  CEO Coaching 45:50
Supporting Materials
  Slides: CEO CoachingPDF
  CEO Coaching Glossary/IndexPDF
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