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In this course we explore some popular approaches to cash flow forecasting. We assume participants have basic experience or familiarity with their organizations’ cash flow forecasting. In this course we differentiate between two types of forecasting techniques.

First, we identify and explore the major methods used in cash flow forecasting. We ill profile each type of method and show examples of the method’s use.

Next, we explore the common models that can be used in a cash flow forecasting system. We  identify the data items needed for each model and discuss potential errors, how the model can be integrated into the overall forecasting system.

We review an overall cash flow forecasting system, showing how methods and models can be integrated. Note that all methods and/or models may not be used in our example. Participants are able to download all the models discussed in the course.

Course Key Concepts: Cash flow forecasting methods, Cash flow models, Cash forecasting tools, Cash forecasting framework, Statistical techniques for cash flow forecasting

Learning Objectives

  • Explore cash flow forecasting methods and the typical work environments that are more useful for each method.
  • Recognize the situations that can call for one or more cash flow forecasting models.
  • Identify key forecasting sources and potential problem areas associated with each method.
  • Discover ways to develop “work-arounds” for forecasting problem areas.
  • Recognize forecasting tools that can help augment an overall system.
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This was well organized and interesting, but provided a lot of information in the short time. I feel like I learned a lot.
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So hard to follow. Also, time of content not aligned with CPE credits.
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Good Course. I recommend all users to go through this course


Course Complexity: Foundational
  • Participants should be familiar with the fundamentals of cash flow forecasting. This can be achieved by completing Fundamentals of Cash Flow Forecasting or from personal on-the-job experience.
  • Familiarity with basic Microsoft Excel © features will be helpful.
  • No advanced preparation is needed.

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Course Syllabus
  9:24Introduction to Cash Forecasting: Methods and Models
  8:00Sources and Potential Problem Areas
  5:38Model Worksheet and Examples
  16:23Different Types of Models
  6:33Summary and Conclusions
Continuous Play
  1:15:08Cash Flow Forecasting: Methods & Models
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: Cash Flow Forecasting: Methods & Models
  PDFCash Flow Forecasting: Methods & Models Glossary/Index
Review And Test