This is the recording from a 2-hour live ethics webinar facilitated by Lynn Fountain. Twice a year, these webinars are held to help individuals better understand the psychology behind ethics and the psychological ethical principles involved. The Fall 2022 session of this webinar brought over 700 registrations and was 5 star rated. We discuss ethical theories and then utilize case scenarios.

The topic of ethics has seemed to permeate every aspect of today’s business including occupying a significant spot in today’s business, educational and professional curriculum. Yet with all the discussion and awareness on the topic, why is it that significant ethical dilemmas and incidents continue to impact our daily lives?

The concept of ethics is based in moral philosophy. In part, that is why it is such a difficult issue to “manage." We often get caught between our independent moral-ethical duty, the legal or compliance viewpoint of an issue, and the management concerns around reputation and ramifications.

This two-hour webinar is dedicated to examining a timeline of historical ethical issues that have plagued the business world, evaluating the moral and perceived concepts around ethics, and taking a practical look at how moral and ethical concepts impact the creation of an ethical culture. We will use interactive feedback scenarios and question and answer to solicit audience feedback regarding how ethics are both perceived and practiced.

Learning Objectives
  • Explore ethical incidents since the year 2000.
  • Identify the types of business ethics
  • Explore and evaluate ethical theories.
    • Scenario One
  • Explore factors for evaluating ethics
    • Scenario Two
  • Explore Ethics 101 concepts and decision making.
    • Scenario Three
    • Scenario Four
  • Identify and learn how to profiling ethical culture.
    • Scenario Five
    • Scenario Six
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I found the real-life scenarios presented very helpful in appreciating the difficulty we face in making ethical decisions and the need to ensure every person is equipped with the right tools to make sound decisions. At the same time, I would like to hear more about how the four ethical theories presented (normative, meta, applied, descriptive) play out in real-life situations.

Anonymous Author
Very important topic for today and needs to be implemented in each and every company. Great presentation.

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Course Complexity: Foundational
No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.
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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Business Ethics Test your Response8:00
  Ethics in Business22:06
  Types of Business Ethics15:02
  Ethical Theories16:30
  Factors for Evaluating Ethics7:08
  Ethics 101 and Ethical Decision Making10:56
  Profiling Ethical Culture11:57
  Business Ethics Test Your Response 1:37:01
  Slides: Business Ethics Test Your Response – Live May 2023PDF
  Business Ethics Test Your Response – Live May 2023 Glossary/IndexPDF