If you work with a board or serve on a board, it helps to understand how the board sees its role. Boards can range from hands-on operational to regulatory to strategic. How you support the board will differ, based on its type. More importantly, determining which approach is best for the company is key to long-term success. This course helps you evaluate what type of board you deal with today. It provides a way to assess if the current way it operates is best for the company and outlines and what it takes to evolve if not. 

Should you support what is or challenge for change? What does it take to become strategic? How do you help maximize the board’s value to your company? Which type of board is a best fit for you? This course provides guidance for you and for your board’s future. 

Last updated/reviewed: August 22, 2023
Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course

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Course Syllabus
  Introduction to Building a Strategic Board4:37
  Need a Stranglehold Down the Middle6:06
  What Kind of Board Are we Now?9:56
  What Can Boards Do?6:50
  Deeper Understanding of Composition of Board and Management Members13:27
  What Makes Great Boards Great8:44
  Diversity and Conclusion11:01
  Building Strategic Boards 1:00:42
Supporting Materials
  Building Strategic BoardsPDF
  Building Strategic Boards Glossary/IndexPDF