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IT Change Management Controls are integral to ensuring the completeness, accuracy, integrity and privacy of data. A robust change management process provides management with assurance only authorized and tested changes to systems and infrastructures are implemented. As such, the audit or compliance professional must have a solid understanding of the corresponding controls and IT operations best practices. In this course, attendees learn how to ensure proper controls have been identified and implemented to ensure data integrity and adequately protect corporate assets, company trade secrets and customer data.      

Change within the IT environment is often a requirement of business operations. Without the ability to effectively manage change, a company could experience system outages, loss of data and/or data integrity issues. Unauthorized or untested modifications can provide the opportunity for a security breach that could result in not only negative publicity but also regulatory sanctions. During this course, attendees will become familiar with the components of a proper change management program that ensures standardized procedures are applied to all modifications.

Additionally, we discuss opportunities to identify how the change management process can be made more effective and ensure requested changes are safe prior to deployment.  Lastly, we walk through policy and procedure analysis, review sample logs and discuss test procedures that can be performed to verify controls are in place. 


Learning Objectives

  • Explore IT Change Control Compliance Requirements and Best Practices.
  • Discover the best practices related to Change Management Processes.
  • Recognize audit procedures performed when auditing the Change Management Process.
  • Identify audit documentation methodologies and requirements.
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Very informative and useful information. Thanks for providing tangible examples!
Anonymous Author
It was a good overview of what is important when you audit change controls
Anonymous Author
thank you for the course it was very informative. well done
Anonymous Author
Good course, well structured. A good learning venue.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.


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Course Syllabus
  0:56Introduction to Auditing Change Management
  10:05Change Control Requirements
  7:25Change Control - The Audit
  11:41Auditing the Change Request Document
  7:09Change Request Template - Examples
  7:00Unit Test Plan
  6:04 Documenting the process for Completing a Change
  6:56 Auditing the Specification Document
  4:18Additional Change Control Audit Steps
Continuous Play
  1:01:34 Auditing Change Management
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: Auditing Change Management
  XLXSWorkbook: Change Control Test
  XLXSWorkbook: Change Request
  XLXSWorkbook: End User Test
  XLXSWorkbook: Unit Test
  PDFAuditing Change Management Glossary/Index
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