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In this set of lectures in Unlocking the Ivory Tower, I'm talking about entrepreneurship. Definitions of entrepreneurship have varied over the years, but here I'll use one that was developed in 2000 by Shane [Envencat]: "Entrepreneurship is the examination of how, by whom and with what affects opportunities to create future goods and services are discovered, evaluated and exploited." Those lead us to some big questions. Why do some people and not others discover and exploit opportunities that are at the heart of entrepreneurship? Why doesn't everyone? Do opportunities just exist out there in the world as objective beings or are they subjective?

The area of entrepreneurship research dates back to economics work in the 18th and 19th centuries. Most often, it is was in France and, in fact, the word "entrepreneur" comes from the French word for "undertaker," someone who undertakes an activity. The points we cover in this section include: entrepreneurship, why would you study it, opportunities and opportunity recognition, entrepreneur entry and organizational emergence, entrepreneur finance, resource and economic impact, and international entrepreneurship.

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8 CoursesApplied Executive Leadership Courses

  1. Applied Executive Ed: Foundations of Business Strategy
  2. Applied Executive Ed: Entrepreneurship
  3. Applied Executive Ed: The Essence of Leadership
  4. Applied Executive Ed: Building Effective Organizations
  5. Applied Executive Ed: International Business
  6. Applied Executive Ed: Innovation
  7. Applied Executive Ed: An Introduction to Models of Corporate Finance
  8. Applied Executive Ed: Emerging Topics in Management

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the meaning of "entrepreneurship."
  • Discover the concepts that are central to entrepreneurship.
  • Explore when to seek partnerships with a venture capital firm.
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Anonymous Author
I really enjoyed the material. I think that the presenter kept my attention and was quick to the point. The material will be very helpful in making my team stronger.
Anonymous Author
The instructor's voice is very low at times, making it difficult to hear what he was saying. It would also help if slides are provided.


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Course Syllabus
  1:32Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  4:17Opportunities and Opportunity Recognition
  6:13Entrepreneurship and Why We Should Study It
  7:55Entrepreneurial Entry and Organizational Emergence
  4:50Entrepreneurial Finance, Resources, & Economic Impact
  6:01International Entrepreneurship
  PDFUnlocking the Ivory Tower Chapter 2 - Entrepreneurship