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COVID 19 has in a very short time changed the way we do business and think about risk, resilience, and disaster planning. The lessons are being written each day as we live through this global pandemic. The role of the CPA has been front and center since the crisis hit and continues to be of integral importance if organizations are to survive. Few organizations are unscathed, many are crippled, and handful are pivoting to not only survive the crisis, but also emerge stronger.

In this course we explore five newly minted ways to think about risk management in this dynamic period of human history.

Table of Contents:
1. Rethinking our disaster plans.
2. Operating risk. 3. Liquidity risk management.
4. Culture is critical.
5. Opportunity awareness.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore and elevate the importance of disaster planning.
  • Recognize and rethink how we address operational risk management.
  • Identify and manage liquidity in a crisis situation.
  • Discover and reinforce culture in a shelter-in-place work environment.
  • Discover how to capitalize on opportunities to improve competitive positioning.
Last updated/reviewed: June 23, 2021

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Anonymous Author
COVID-19 brought to light risk situations that corporations did not necessarily consider. This course expands the thinking of risks to an organization beyond the traditional risk assessment thinking.
Anonymous Author
Great points brought up and examples discussed throughout the course. The overall mantra of "this too shall pass" helps keep the current pandemic in scope and allows for forward thinking.
Anonymous Author
Very well done presentation. The risks covered are applicable to all organizations, big and small regardless of industry. The quick takeaways at the end of each section are on point.
Anonymous Author
A timely and insightful view into the strange conditions we are in with 5 practical and helpful tips on managing risk and surviving and thriving during the pandemic.
Member's Profile
I really like the classes this pair puts on. This one brought some issues to the forefront that our company should be dealing with now. Time to get to it!
Member's Profile
Very good course for our current state. It provided good ideas for surviving and thieving during a pandemic.
Member's Profile
I felt that the course was general and further details could have been provided to the topic of the course
Anonymous Author
Pretty interesting overview of the topic. The slides could be a bit more professional and informative.
Anonymous Author
Good teaching and a very timely topic. Thanks for sharing these insights.
Member's Profile
Thank you for the great overview and upbeat presentation!


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  5:16Course and Instructors Introduction
  10:18Executive Competencies
Top 5 Risk Management Lessons
  9:41Rethinking Our Disaster Plans
  8:32Operating Risk
  9:36Liquidity Risk Management
  9:22Culture is Critical
  10:15Opportunity Awareness and Conclusion
  1:02:595 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Risk Thinking
  PDFSlides: 5 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Risk Thinking
  PDF5 Ways COVID-19 Will Change Risk Thinking Glossary/ Index