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This course discusses recent judicial and administrative tax decisions impacting corporations, pass-through entities, and individuals. A brief review of the judicial and administrative tax system includes a discussion of which court a taxpayer should use when an administrative remedy cannot be reached after an IRS audit.

A review of salient court cases includes the following topics:

  • What is included in the definition of gross income, including Constructive Dividends, and Cancelation of Debt Income
  • What is an activity engaged in for profit
  • What is a “pre-opening” or “start-up” expense
  • Limits on business expense deductions under IRC Sections 162, 274(d) and 262
  • Limits on charitable contribution deductions
  • Trust fund tax penalties, including determining who is a “responsible person” for paying federal employment taxes
  • Tax credits, including the Energy and Research Credit and the Research and Development (R&D) credit
  • Tax Administration issues including “innocent spouse” relief, relief from joint and several liability on a married filing jointly tax return, and reimbursement of reasonable litigation costs
  • Tax penalties including the Foreign Bank and Financial Account (FBAR) reporting penalty, the accuracy-related penalty, the gross valuation misstatement penalty, and the fraud penalty

This course also discusses how to avoid/minimize common mistakes made when filing a tax return.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and understand how the court system works when appealing an unfavorable IRS audit determination, and how the IRS administers the tax laws.
  • Explore and understand the definition of gross income.
  • Discover and understand the limitations on deducting expenses from gross income.
  • Identify and understand the requirements for claiming a charitable contribution deduction.
  • Explore the role of penalties in the administration of our tax laws and the liability of a “responsible person” for unpaid trust fund taxes.
Last updated/reviewed: November 15, 2021

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Anonymous Author
Greatly disappointed in this presentation - If you speak of a difficult concept and decline or fail at making it simple or clear, then you haven't been presenting as an educator. You've basically stepped onto a podium whereby you are using your position at the IRS as a basis for regurgitating information that you don't sound very comfortable with making clear to others.
Anonymous Author
The course title is a little deceptive here. I was hoping for more of an actual update on 2021 federal tax laws, but it was more of an overall review of tax compliance based heavily on tax cases. Good presentation, just hoping for something different based on the title.
Anonymous Author
There were many examples of court case decisions and some good explanations of what the decisions actually mean. The different cases provided helped to show how the same portion of the law related to slightly different cases.
Member's Profile
Great examples. Would like more detail in the take-aways. Some commentary notes to go with the slides would be helpful - or maybe I should have just taken better notes...
Anonymous Author
A long, but necessary course. The information is rather dry, but that may be my own dislike of tax accounting.
Anonymous Author
While the examples were detailed, I was hoping for a more holistic overview of the changes in taxes for 2021.
Member's Profile
Presenter did a good job of analyzing and explaining the tax court cases that occurred in 2021.
Anonymous Author
2021 federal tax update provides overview of recent changes in tax law
Member's Profile
brief but helpful. slides are detailed and well documented.
Member's Profile
good. neeed the update. have to keep typing to get my cert
Member's Profile
Mostly consisted of reading slides regarding cases.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  2:56Introduction to 2021TaxUpdate
  3:30Federal Judicial System
  7:32Federal Tax Administration System
  19:24Gross Income
  16:19Deductions from Gross Income
  10:20Deductions from Adjusted Gross Income
  9:52Trust Fund Tax Penalties
  15:10Tax Administration
  1:50:362021 Federal Tax Update
  PDFSlides: 2021 Federal Tax Update
  PDF2021 Federal Tax Update Glossary/ Index