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On the job training seems to be the only kind available these days. But everyone's so busy you can only spare a few minutes here or there of their manager's time, and dollars are so tight that other training feels either ineffective or too expensive.

Not anymore. With Illumeo's Expertise Management for corporate finance, you can bring the best corporate finance education available, unlimited, to your team at a tiny fraction of the cost of just one traditional conference. Illumeo has hundreds of world-class courses, built by senior practitioners in finance, accounting, treasury and more, available any time, any device, covering so many topics of immediate and strategic use for your team. And we bring assessment tools, automated course recommendations, and much more.

With this much learning made so easy and so affordable, you can bring top quality corporate finance training back to your organization and dramatically increase your team's pace of learning. This increases employee enjoyment and engagement, and helps you be a rockstar leader with a great team!


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