Blockchain UnmaskedFor many of us, as we advance further and further into this new digital world, we are assailed by a plethora of new technologies, new terms, new ways of thinking and new ways of processing transactions.

One of these technologies is the blockchain.

Few people really understand what the blockchain is, but banks, financial institutions, IT organizations, consultants and even the general public are all abuzz about blockchain technology and how it is going to revolutionize finance. 

To add to the confusion the term blockchain is often used in the same breath as words like “bitcoin”, “distributed ledgers”, “crypto currencies”, “ICOs” and much, much more.

And then we have the supporters and detractors of the blockchain; the “for”, the “against” and the maybe”. Many of the blockchain’s adherents claim that it is the greatest technological development of the digital age. Others see the blockchain as a new and useful tool (one among many others) while there is a third school who decry any value in its use. 

Confusing, to say the least.

If you have ever wondered about the blockchain – about what it is, or how it works or what it can be used for - our new course “Understanding the Blockchain” will put all of this confusion to rest.

Starting with concept of the blockchain (which incidentally is the driving technology behind bitcoin) the course explores this new technology in detail. We also define terms like bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain, and initial coin offerings and more, highlighting promising use cases in a whole range of different businesses/industries and current business practices.

The aim of the course is to create a clear understanding of what the blockchain is and how it works, in as non-technical a manner as is possible. While the language used is removed from the “techno-speak” that currently surrounds the subject, it is still sufficiently technical so as not to lose the critical elements and features of the blockchain process.

Discover a whole new aspect of the growing digital world.  Check out the course Understanding the Blockchain


Stanley EpsteinPrincipal Associate & Director

Stanley is an international banking and IT expert. He now works in the private high-tech sector, providing high-level training and consulting in international payments, digital/mobile banking, governance, and compliance.