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Principal Catalyst


  • Member since 2016

philip has always explored the edge. His passion for the future and the potential of humanity to use its resources and capacities toward a generative planetary civilization have driven him to expand his experience across the spectrum of culture creators: educators, artists, activists, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

For several decades philip has been innovating business models, processes and systems with individuals, organizations and their ecosystems. He has worked internationally in a broad variety of industries and cross-sector with Fortune 500 organizations, startups, and NGOs. As a result, he has helped teams operate efficiently and relate effectively, while inspiring individuals to new levels of leadership.

He provides visionary leaders with frameworks that allow them to test their initiatives for coherence and completeness, and he works with them to create operating metaphors and narratives to inspire and enroll their teams. Through speaking engagements, workshops, team trainings, and individual coaching he supports leaders in increasing their own and their teams' capacity to innovate. He lives and works internationally, writes a blog on a individual development, culture and future, and continues to support a growing community of future-ready leaders.