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Managed Assessments for the Enterprise

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Quick, Accurate Assessments

Fast, free, and easy to do
Industry standard assessments for Finance, Accounting, HR, Marketing and Sales - or create your own
Created by industry experts for clarity and accuracy
Simple yet plain concepts for reliable results
Assess at the individual level, or include multiple-assessors for 360, 270, 180, peer, and partner review
Benchmark by title

Compare to Benchmarks

Determine how your profile matches benchmarks for hundreds of roles in Finance, Accounting, HR, Marketing and Sales
Rate your expertise in your current role
Discover the expertise gaps you need to bridge to get to future roles
Chart strengths and weaknesses

View Analysis

Easy to understand graphs and charts make it easy to spot opportunities for growth
Different areas of expertise are clearly visualized to help you and your team members plan your personal growth paths
Development Plan

Collaborate on Personal Development Plans

See a list of courses specifically recommended to help each employee grow in just the right areas
Open up new dialogs with team members about self-awareness, competency development, and career paths
Align employee development plans to areas of need on your team or in your organization
Build long-term plans to prepare employees for future needs
managers control assessments

Extend Assessments

Initiate assessments for team members
Assess at the individual level, or include multiple-assessors for 360, 270, 180, and peer review
Invite business partners from inside and outside your company to participate as assessors
On one screen compare and contrast ratings from all assessors to gain a clear picture of each team member's unique capabilities
custom assessments

Use Assessments Over Time

Close and lock assessments upon completion to prevent changes
Download and print PDFs of assessments for personnel files
Use assessment history to track achievements and show progress over time
rate competencies

Go Beyond

Build custom assessment models for your team or organization, including
Custom competency definitions and criteria
Appropriate ratings and scales
Internal benchmarks that match your organization's job tiers and titles
Create project-based assessments for regular feedback
Create specialized assessments for your specific function

See How You Measure Up

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