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Expertise Management for Teams

Corporate teams are kind of on their own. Although teams are at the heart of every project and every department at all companies, they struggle to get what they need to succeed because company leadership doesn’t manage or plan down to the team level.

It turns out that most of the work at companies happens on teams working individually and together. Knowing and optimizing the skills of each and every team member can be any manager's key to success.

Assess, Plan, Learn, Do

Full Cycle Professional Development for Every Team Member

Illumeo’s approach to professional development starts with a 10 minute assessment process that entails function-specific competency assessment, benchmark-based analysis for over 200 job titles, and personalized development plans.

Those development plans tap into unlimited access to more than 4,000 video lessons and 600 full length courses. You can finally provide targeted training to meet the specific needs of each individual on your team.

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Streamlined Onboarding

Let’s face it, as a team leader you really don’t have time to spend dozens of hours with each new hire. It just kills your productivity.

For repetitive training like onboarding, you can create a training course once, and then enable your new employees — whether on-site or remote — to take it at their convenience.

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Competencies chart

Competency Assessments

Illumeo’s Assessment Engine enables you to learn what each member of your team actually knows about the core elements of their job and any related jobs on their career path.

Based on benchmarks for over 200 job titles you immediately discover where they have knowledge gaps and get an automated, fully personalized learning plan to move every team member forward.

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