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Career Control

In today’s fast-paced business world, it’s easy to fall behind on the expertise that is most in-demand. Finance professionals need to keep up with evolving regulatory requirements, HR needs to manage for ever-shifting compliance, Sales needs to deploy the most up-to-date selling strategies, Marketing needs to keep up with the plethora of new tactics for building audiences. How can you keep up? The Illumeo Expertise Management platform is designed to help you get ahead based on knowledge. See where you stand against your professional peers; identify the career opportunities that can open up by acquiring in-demand expertise; and get seamless access to the courses, curricula, and certificate programs you need to turbo-charge your career.

Deep learning

Deep Functional Learning

There are a broad array of sites that offer e-learning to help you get ahead - but they focus almost exclusively on technical instruction, and almost exclusively on how to use software to achieve goals. What they don’t do is show you how to be incredibly good at actually doing a job.

Illumeo courses are conceived, created, and delivered by experts in their field - practitioners with an average of 20 years’ experience in exactly the discipline you need to excel at. You’ll learn how to be great at job roles that are a part of your career path, and help you gain the expertise you need to go and get those jobs.

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Individual Assessments

The hardest part of getting started is knowing where you stand relative to peers with your job title: are you at the top of your game in your current role? Which roles are you close to being ready to take on? What should you do to prepare for the role of your dreams?

Illumeo self-assessments help you fill in the gaps. In just a few minutes, assess your own capabilities across a range of competencies, then compare them to industry benchmarks for dozens of roles in your function. Then the lllumeo system will automatically help you construct a personalized development plan to acquire all the right expertise to put you in prime position.

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Many dedicated professionals commit themselves to achieving professional certifications - from CPA to CMA, CIA, CTP and beyond. Having achieved that status they are not only more valuable employees - but also take on the burden of completing continuing education to keep the certification current.

Illumeo CPE courses are accredited across all 50 states, and many offer PDC credits that are valid worldwide. Delivered in convenient, lesson-based streaming video, and available 24/7, they are literally the quickest, easiest, most cost-efficient path to completing requirements. With over 600 courses, and thousands of users already using them and providing helpful ratings and reviews, Illumeo offers the premier platform for completing CPE and PDC.

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