Expertise Management

People want to hire experts Today and tomorrow's careers demand expertise Illumeo puts expertise in reach for corporate professionals


Become an Expert

Who are the experts in your organization? I bet you know. And I bet you know who isn't. The fact is, experts get the accolades, promotions, and the genuine ability to move themselves, their careers and their companies forward.

Expertise is not built in a day, but it shouldn't and doesn't take decades either. Illumeo's Expertise Management platform has everything professionals in finance, accounting, human resources, sales and marketing need to build genuine expertise using a straightforward set of tools and expert instruction, all available anywhere, on demand, and so inexpensively you'll be amazed.

Assess your competence

Assessment Framework

It all starts with the questions, "Where am I now?" and "Where do I need to be to move myself and my team forward?"

Illumeo’s Assessments are fast, easy, and focused on corporate professionals in core functions. We have benchmarks for over 200 job titles and automated course recommendations that turn an already useful tool into a revelation, and a cornerstone of Expertise Management.

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Expert instructors

Hundreds of Expert-Led Courses

If you want to become an expert, you need to learn from the experts. That's where our instructor base comes in. We have an amazing group of over 200 instructors who are or have been senior executives with an average of over 20 years' industry experience each.

These instructors pass along their experience, insight and context in every video-on-demand course. Corporate clients can also quickly and easily make their own "in-house" courses to capture and pass along valuable expertise that already lives within existing employees.

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Many certification types

Continuing Professional Education Credit (CPE/CPD/PDC)

Many of today’s professionals in finance, accounting and human resources (HR) hold certifications such as CPAs, CMAs, SPHRs and many more.

Illumeo is accredited to provide continuing education credits for over two dozen professional certification types. This way you can build your expertise and meet your certification requirements at the same time.

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Learning System

Expertise doesn't just happen, it's a managed process.

Illumeo’s learning management features allow individuals to guide their own path to development, and it provides great power and ease of use for managers to assist in that process. Make a plan, stick to it, become an expert!

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