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Sales: How to Effectively Counter Sales Objections
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Nov. 17, 2016 Thursday
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific)
1 Hour
Educational Webinar
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Stepp Sydnor CEO,
Don’t lose one more prospective deal to sales objections. Learn to redirect prospects’ objections into conversations that leave no doubt in their mind to choose you. In this course we explain the four parts of effectively handling objections, leading to higher confidence and customer acquisition or retention.

Sales objections are part of sales. However the sales skill needed the most is the sales skill least practiced. Seven out of ten sales professionals, when observed in a conversation with a prospect, quickly conceded to a sales objections. This causes lost revenue for the company and lost commissions for the salesperson.

This webinar teaches you how to redirect prospects' objections, resulting in more sales, higher revenue for the company, and increased commissions for you.

Learning Objectives

After attending this event you will be able to:
Discover why customers object.
Explore how to gain insight into the four keys to handling customer objections.
Explore why opening counters (i.e. “I understand”, “I apologize”) don’t work.
Discover an easy method to diffuse the most difficult objections.


Stepp SydnorCEO,
Stepp Sydnor
Stepp Stevens Sydnor is a trusted sales and business leadership expert. Stepp is an advisor, author and crowd-pleasing speaker. Over the past sixteen years, Stepps training solutions has helped companies stay ahead of their competition by re-thinking, measuring and improving their personal best. Highly engaging, Stepp’s interactive presentations help participants change their belief systems to reach higher sales and leadership goals in white-hot competitive markets.
Moderated by: Khoa TranOperations Manager, Illumeo
Moderated by: Khoa Tran
Operations Manager, Illumeo
Khoa is in charge of live event operations at Illumeo and has led the preparation and execution of hundreds of live events on various finance, accounting and related topics across the Office of the CFO. You could say his job is a lot like learning finance and accounting for a living. Khoa is primarily responsible for ensuring great content, delivery, and learning for each of Illumeo's webinars and live events.