Live Webinar
How to Deal with Difficult People
Neil Ihde, Founder of Life IQ, Speaker, Master Practitioner of MBTI
Neil Ihde, Founder of Life IQ, Speaker, Master Practitioner of MBTI
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Apr. 13, 2017
11:00 AM Pacific
Duration: 1 Hour
Educational Webinar
Identifying difficult people...that’s the easy part. Dealing with them? Well, that’s a different story.

Hoping and wishing that things will somehow get better hasn’t worked. You need tools and strategies to deal with the stressful, emotional, and difficult interactions that occur. Keep your cool. Take a deep breath. (And maybe even bring a mirror to take a look at yourself). This webinar teaches practical, everyday skills to deal with difficult people.

Learning Objectives

After attending this event you will be able to:
Identify characteristics of difficult people
Recognize certain personality or emotional traits associated with “difficult people"
Explore the rationale behind the behavior of difficult people
Identify effective coping techniques to deal with difficult individuals


Neil IhdeFounder, Life IQ
Neil Ihde
Founder, Life IQ
Neil Ihde is a speaker, lecturer, consultant and founder of Life IQ where he motivates groups and individuals to work, play, relate and live intelligently. He has worked with numerous managers, directors, corporate leaders, and teams to improve their personal and professional effectiveness.

Neil has worked with twenty Fortune 500 companies including Wal-Mart, Merrill Lynch, DuPont, PepsiCo, and AT&T among others. Neil has also consulted internationally with clients from a dozen countries. He is the co-author of the book “When Would Now Be A Good Time?” and was recently a personality consultant to Woman’s World magazine. His Life IQ YouTube channel recently surpassed a quarter of a million views.
Moderated by: Khoa TranOperations Manager, Illumeo
Moderated by: Khoa Tran
Operations Manager, Illumeo
Khoa is in charge of live event operations at Illumeo and has led the preparation and execution of hundreds of live events on various finance, accounting and related topics across the Office of the CFO. You could say his job is a lot like learning finance and accounting for a living. Khoa is primarily responsible for ensuring great content, delivery, and learning for each of Illumeo's webinars and live events.


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