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Finance: Explaining Financial Results to Non-Financial Managers
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Apr. 4, 2017 Tuesday
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific)
1 Hour
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Carl Heintz Chief, Heintzsight LLC
It’s often said that accounting is the language of business. Unfortunately, CPAs, CFO’s and Controllers often struggle with ways to communicate effectively with non-financial managers. While they may nod their heads in seeming comprehension, many Non-Financial Managers will admit that they are totally lost when it comes to understanding tax and accounting concepts. This disconnect in communications can lead to disastrous consequences.

This webinar explores ways to communicate effectively with non-financial managers and staff. You’ll learn how to analyze the audience to assess their level of financial sophistication. Using a common-ground approach, you’ll discover the right ways to explain financial results. You’ll learn about feedback and assessment loops to determine that your audience is “on board” and comprehending not only what you are saying, but what the implications are. You’ll see how to be effective and engage them in your material. You’ll understand the common misunderstandings and faulty concepts that color the way non-financial managers view analytical information. Finally, you’ll see how effective communications can lead to more effective organizations and enhance the financial professional’s influence, reputation and effectiveness.

Learning Objectives

After attending this event you will be able to:
Identify the six most common misconceptions and misunderstandings about accounting data that non-financial managers have
Discover how feedback and assessment loops can be used to gauge the level of audience comprehension
Recognize the 7 best ways to overcome communications barriers with non-analytical personality types
Explore how to use the techniques of effective communication in various scenarios


Carl HeintzChief, Heintzsight LLC
Carl Heintz
Chief, Heintzsight LLC
Carl Heintz is CPA in Leawood. Kansas. In addition to his CPA practice Carl is also a Certified Entrepreneurial Advisor. Since 2002 he's been a nationally recognized speaker and author for Thomson Reuter's Gear Up seminars. He has also been an instructor in taxation, accounting and data processing at UCLA, USC, and several community colleges.

He is the author of dozens of published articles and three books, as well as serving on the editorial board for numerous tax, accounting and technology publications. He was the producer and presenter for National Public Radio's “tax tips” series. As a Quora contributor, he is the most viewed in Taxes in the United States of America.
Moderated by: Khoa TranOperations Manager, Illumeo
Moderated by: Khoa Tran
Operations Manager, Illumeo
Khoa is in charge of live event operations at Illumeo and has led the preparation and execution of hundreds of live events on various finance, accounting and related topics across the Office of the CFO. You could say his job is a lot like learning finance and accounting for a living. Khoa is primarily responsible for ensuring great content, delivery, and learning for each of Illumeo's webinars and live events.