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Corporate Tax Compliance Issues for the 2018 Filing Season
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Feb. 19, 2019 Tuesday
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific)
1 Hour

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Cherie Hennig Professor, UNCW
This course covers tax compliance issues for the 2018 filing season, including computing the corporate tax expense and tax changes affecting:
  • Income
  • Business Deductions
  • Acquisition/disposition of business assets
  • Net Operating Loss Deduction
  • Dividends Received Deduction
  • Business Tax Credits
  • Taxation of foreign sourced income


Learning Objectives

After attending this event you will be able to:
How to compute corporate taxable income including which deductions have been repealed/reduced in the 2018 tax year
Tax changes affecting the acquisition/disposition of business assets
How to compute the Net Operating Loss Carryforward
How to compute the Dividends Received Deduction
Changes made to business tax credits and changes made to the taxation of foreign sourced income


Cherie HennigProfessor, UNCW
Cherie Hennig
Professor, UNCW
Cherie received her Bachelor's, Master's, and Ph.D. degrees in accounting from the University of Colorado. She began her career as an IRS revenue agent in Denver, Colorado and has taught numerous undergraduate and graduate tax courses at University of North Carolina, Wilmington, Florida International University, Colorado State University, the University of South Florida, and Virginia Tech. She has published numerous tax articles in many major tax journals, is an author or co-author of numerous tax texts, including Practical Guide to Schedule M-3 Compliance (Second Edition) and Contemporary Tax Practice: Research, Planning and Strategies (Second Edition), both published by CCH. She has written and taught numerous continuing professional education courses. She was a faculty intern with local and national CPA firms, and conducted research for the IRS Statistics of Income Division and the District Office of Research and Analysis. She is a member of the American Taxation Association, the American Institute of CPAs, and served on the Tax Executive Committee of the AICPA Tax Division.
Moderated by Jennifer RobbinsIllumeo Webinar Manager
Moderated by Jennifer Robbins
Illumeo Webinar Manager
Jennifer is a marketing specialist and the webinar manager for Illumeo. She has been a part of more than 300 webinar presentations, supporting our expert presenters and Illumeo users alike. When she’s not moderating webinars, she’s creating and managing marketing content.

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