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Human Resources: Conflict Resolution Tips for Executives and Their Direct Reports
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Jan. 10, 2017 Tuesday
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific)
1 Hour

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Sylvia Lafair President, Creative Energy Options, Inc.
This webinar shows you how to recognize the deeper causes of interpersonal conflict. It emphasizes skills to help you critically evaluate explosive situations and choose the appropriate strategies and tools to manage and/or resolve these conflicts. You will develop greater awareness of what pushes your buttons and how to control your reactions. You will also be able to assist your direct reports in looking at their own triggers for upset and coach them in behaving in more productive ways.

Many conflicts are situational and focus on business problems. Fortunately, by gaining agreements around a specific issue the tension is easily resolved. However, many times conflicts are based on personality disconnects and these are usually more intense and impactful over longer periods of time.

When you and your team have awareness about both types of conflicts you can evaluate the situation more quickly and make a judgment call on which tools will get the conflict resolved faster and smarter. If you can ask the right questions to find out the underlying cause of interpersonal disputes you have a much better chance of finding a long term solution.


Learning Objectives

After attending this event you will be able to:
Recognize the difference between a situational disagreement and interpersonal conflict
Recognize the difference between listening for facts and listening for emotional content
Identify the 13 personality patterns that can disrupt productivity at work
Develop a set of open ended questions that can short-cut tension


Sylvia LafairPresident, Creative Energy Options, Inc.
Sylvia Lafair
President, Creative Energy Options, Inc.
Dr. Sylvia Lafair, PhD, co-founder and CEO of Creative Energy options (CEO, Inc.), is known for her groundbreaking leadership education methods. She began her career in psychology to explore why people do what they do in personal relationships. Seeing the connection between how families behave and how work teams operate, she developed corporate team building activities to stop office politics and enhance team communication and collaboration. Dr. Lafair’s professional coaching programs have been utilized internationally, and her unique Pattern Aware™ concepts have proven effective worldwide.
Moderated by: Khoa TranOperations Manager, Illumeo
Moderated by: Khoa Tran
Operations Manager, Illumeo
Khoa is in charge of live event operations at Illumeo and has led the preparation and execution of hundreds of live events on various finance, accounting and related topics across the Office of the CFO. You could say his job is a lot like learning finance and accounting for a living. Khoa is primarily responsible for ensuring great content, delivery, and learning for each of Illumeo's webinars and live events.

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