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Building a Professional LinkedIn® Profile
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Sep. 10, 2019 Tuesday
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Pacific)
1 Hour
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Teddy Burriss LinkedIn Trainer & Coach, Burriss Consulting
As of January 2019 there were more than 600 million people with LinkedIn Profiles. However many were built without focus or purpose of their goals in mind. Few LinkedIn Members created their LinkedIn Profile focused on their Most Important Viewer using relevant keywords and content to showcase themselves in a clear and concise manner. This course is designed to help you create a Professional LinkedIn Profile and position yourself better than your peers and/or competitors on LinkedIn so you can begin creating real business value using LinkedIn. We will discuss the key business philosophies of building a LinkedIn Profile in this course as well as show you the most important areas of LinkedIn to apply these perspectives. We’ll discuss keyword best practices that focus on your Most Important Viewer as well as the numerous areas of your LinkedIn Profile you will need to fill out to get the greatest possible value from your LinkedIn Profile. Knowing who your Most Important Viewer is and the important keywords/phrases to include in your messaging is a key philosophy to building a Professional LinkedIn Profile. During this webinar we will show you how a well built LinkedIn Profile is discoverable in many different ways.

Learning Objectives

After attending this event you will be able to:
Begin to develop clarity of who your Most Important Viewer is.
Become knowledgeable about your most important keywords/phrases.
Become introduced to the top areas of your LinkedIn Profile and how to fill them out properly.
Learn how to test the keyword richness of your LinkedIn Profile


Teddy BurrissLinkedIn Trainer & Coach, Burriss Consulting
Teddy Burriss
LinkedIn Trainer & Coach, Burriss Consulting
Teddy is a LinkedIn Consultant, Coach, Trainer and Public Speaker. As an accomplished author, public speaker, social media engager and blogger, he mastered and now shares the best practices and principles of using Social Media for Life, Business and Career. He discovered the power of LinkedIn in 2005 during a previous career as a business developer. As he built out my LinkedIn Profile and searching for prospects on LinkedIn, he learned having a well built Profile and growing a diverse and relevant network were powerful ways of uncovering new business opportunities. Once he began sharing and engaging on content relevant to his business goals LinkedIn became an integral part of his business development stratagy. His pipeline and book of business began to grow significantly. Today, he loves sharing the message and best practices of using LinkedIn as a Business Tool through his seminars, 1:1 coaching, workshops, YouTube Channel, blog and keynote speeches.
Moderated by Jennifer RobbinsIllumeo Webinar Manager
Moderated by Jennifer Robbins
Illumeo Webinar Manager
Jennifer is a marketing specialist and the webinar manager for Illumeo. She has been a part of more than 300 webinar presentations, supporting our expert presenters and Illumeo users alike. When she’s not moderating webinars, she’s creating and managing marketing content.