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Wish more people knew how to use your talents? Want to take a larger role in bringing in the business?  Wonder how to win the enthusiasm of people who can refer you or your company?  You can become the natural and only choice inside your organization or in your profession when you use 5 field-tested strategies for building business relationships.    

Our studies with thousands of people show that only about 20% of professionals are “natural networkers,” (and even they can benefit from learning practical rules and tools to teach others they manage or mentor).  If you’re part of the other 80%, you’ll benefit from learning tools that take the mystery out of networking.    

How to Use Networking as a Strategic Tool:

  1. Remember names and teach your name; 3 ways to recover when you forget a name
  2. Answer “What do you do?” in ways that teach people about your character and competence so they seek you out
  3. Respond to “What’s new?” or “How are you?” in ways that build trust, spark conversation, and teach people what to come to you for
  4. Ask good questions that uncover commonalities, needs, & opportunities 
  5. Connect at Meetings & Conferences

Avoid the awkward moments that inevitably come up in most common rituals of relationship building.  Make networking an art . . . not an accident! 


Learning Objectives

  • Discover how to remember names and teach yours
  • Discover how to answer “What do you do?” in ways that teach people about your character and competence and start a conversation
  • Explore how to ask questions that uncover commonalities and needs. 
  • Recognize opportunities to connect at conferences and meetings.
  • Discover new ways to be ready to answer the questions, ‘What’s new?” or “How are you?”
Last updated/reviewed: November 4, 2020

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Anonymous Author
It's great to find a webinar that instead of giving overly broad ideas like "reach out to other people", actually gives examples and tips of how to connect and converse while doing so in a way that would feel natural and more easy going. This is good practical advice I could have used for many years!
Anonymous Author
This is a very good course to take especially for my fellow introverts! The instructor is engaging and made the topic interesting. I will be looking for additional courses on this topic from this instructor.
Anonymous Author
The course provided a good approach to share with new or "quiet" professionals. I challenge my team to approach others and start conversations or ask others to share experiences.
Member's Profile
Instructor was very clear and easy to follow. I look forward to getting to use the information I have learned in my future networking opportunities.
Anonymous Author
I found some truly useful tools in here for networking. I’m going to start working on my preparations more!
Member's Profile
Very good information that I will use at next networking event.
Anonymous Author
Very insightful. I'll keep an eye out for her other content.


Course Complexity: Foundational

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  2:21Introduction to 5 Tools for Building a Wider, Deeper Circle of Influential Contacts
  9:49What is Networking?
The 5 Tools
  7:20#1 The Name Exchange
  9:14#2 Answering What Do YOU Do?
  9:03#3 What Are We Going To Talk About?
  8:28#4 Ask Good Questions
  12:02#5 Make the Most of Conferences & Meetings
  58:165 Tools for Building a Wider, Deeper Circle of Influential Contacts Full Video
  PDFSlides: Strategic Networking
  PDFStrategic Networking Glossary/Index