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This course is for senior members of the HR function who aspire to be different and better than the norm by fulfilling their true potential as strategic assets and sustainable competitive advantages to their firms.  Fulfilling this potential is the ultimate high-leveraged activity because of the breakthrough impact it has on the performance of the board, CEO, senior management, organization, and overall workforce.

Forget the ancient CHRO aspiration of getting a seat at the table.”  Today’s CHRO has a much bigger, more critical role to play as the firm’s chief organizational architect, equipping corporate leaders to join them in building intelligent, agile, and adaptable organizations in which all people achieve extraordinary results optimizing sustainable value creation.  This course, in combination with the two prerequisite courses, is uniquely designed to prepare CHROs to play this powerful role at a level of excellence.

There are two prerequisite courses:

Course outcomes include:

  • Optimized sustainable organizational effectiveness and value creation
  • High-performance organizations where everyone has the same job: increase long-term shareholder and stakeholder value, aka “doing well by doing good”
  • All projects, processes, and resources earning more than they cost and enabling a winning strategy
  • Effective collaboration between the board and management in the strategic management of the firm
  • Dignification of people’s work and lives, producing inspiration, motivation, and extraordinary effort

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the different degrees of General Management/Human Resources (HR) linkage
  • Discover how to avoid the sub-optimizing effect of pursing a seat at the table
  • Explore HR from the business point of view in addition to the business from the HR point of view
  • Discover how to integrate Framework, Great Place and High-Performance Work Systems (HPWS) into a breakthrough level of organizational architect effectiveness
  • Explore how to manage the operational and strategic work flows of the HPWS
  • Discover how to transform knowledge from the systems-level and strategic business partner courses into effective actions and extraordinary results 
Last updated/reviewed: November 13, 2020


Course Complexity: Advanced

There are two prerequisite courses:

  • Systems-Level Thinking and Action - The Key to Great Corporate Leadership.
  • Strategic Business Partner - The Driving Force for Organizational Effectiveness  


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Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  4:42Introduction to Strategic Asset CHRO Organizational Architect
  9:52Seat at the Table & Strategic HRM
  9:07From A Systems-Level Corporate Leader
  10:34Functioning as Organizational Architect
  7:43Organizational Effectiveness
  12:59What's Missing
  6:27High-Performance Work System and Summary
  1:01:23Strategic Asset CHRO Organizational Architect Full Video
  PDFSlides: Strategic Asset CHRO Organizational Architect
  PDFStrategic Asset CHRO Organizational Architect Glossary/Index