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Any student of ethics should understand that concepts surrounding ethics are based in philosophy. For individuals, the ethical theory they employ for decision making emphasizes aspects of an ethical dilemma which is important to them. Understanding the variations in the ethical theories can help professionals understand their control environment and the culture in which they are operating.  In addition, understanding ethical philosophies will assist in directing personnel to the most ethically correct resolution per the guidelines within the ethical theory.  This understanding will assist in evaluating and acknowledging ethical behavior in the workplace.

The field of ethics involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Philosophers divide ethical theories into four general subject areas: meta-ethics; normative ethics; applied ethics; descriptive ethics. This course focuses on meta-ethics and the three categories of normative ethics which include:

  • Consequentialism
  • Deontology
  • Virtue

Course Series

This course is included in the following series:

2 CoursesPsychology Behind Ethics

  1. Psychology Behind Ethics: Part 1
  2. Psychology Behind Ethics: Part 2

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the purpose of ethical theories.
  • Explore the theory behind meta-ethics and its application in the workforce.
  • Identify questions related to meta-ethics.
  • Explore the theory behind normative ethics and the variations in the sub-philosophies within this theory.
    • Consequentialism
    • Virtue ethics
    • Deontology ethics
  • Identify questions that relate to normative ethics.
  • Recognize examples of normative ethical behavior.
  • Explore the use of ethical theories in business.
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Included In Certifications

This course is included in the following Certification Programs:

15 CoursesEthical Leadership Certification

  1. History of Ethics
  2. Psychology Behind Ethics: Part 1
  3. Psychology Behind Ethics: Part 2
  4. COSO 2013 Control Environment Compliance
  5. Corporate Ethics
  6. Managing Through Corporate Politics - The Achilles’ Heel of Executing Professional Skepticism
  7. Real World Business Ethics Scenarios
  8. Relationship between Ethics, Morality, and the Law
  9. Impact of Ethics on Leadership
  10. Traits and Skills of the Ethical Leader
  11. Framework for Ethical Decision Making
  12. Keys to an Effective Code of Conduct
  13. Keys to Understanding Conflicts of Interest
  14. When The Whistle Blows Part 1: History, Regulations, and Concepts
  15. When The Whistle Blows Part 2: Managing Whistleblower Hotlines

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Deontology got me thinking quite a bit: it's not what the individual believes his/her duty to be, but the greater, the idiom of "It's not my job" is an ethical violation of Deontology since the greater good is not considered as important/ethical....
Anonymous Author
It is a little challenging to listen to this presenter. She seems very repetitive. I also was discouraged that every time she referred to a leadership position, she used the term "he."
Member's Profile
Liked the Meta-Ethics section. I wish there was more about how organizations define what is right and wrong and how inclusion and diversity fit with the company code of conduct.
Member's Profile
Another great class from Lynn. Lynn is very knowledgeable in this area. I like all the examples she provides to help me understand the various concepts.
Anonymous Author
Interesting discussion of ethics. The various theories were presented in real-world context which enhanced the respectful differencies.
Member's Profile
By the end of this course, I realized these theories, in part, could be found in various parts of an organization. Enlightening.
Anonymous Author
Clear and interesting presentation! Really appreciated Lynn's lining the theories too business examples and applications.
Anonymous Author
I feel this course gave me a good foundation to the study of ethics and made me want to consider more ethics training.
Anonymous Author
I always liked presentations of Lynn. This one is a good example of a good and informative presentation of the topic.
Member's Profile
Very interesting and totally new concepts of ethics to me. Enjoyed it very much. Thought provoking.
Member's Profile
Excellent presentation. Ms. Fountain is easy to understand and is thorough in her presentation.
Member's Profile
I love Lynn's courses. Easy to listen to and great context. This was all new material for me.
Anonymous Author
Good part 1 of a very broad topic. It would be nice to have a list of additional readings.
Member's Profile
Going to keep taking all your courses and tell everyone on LinkedIn
Member's Profile
Great examples of how the different theories apply in business.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No Advanced Preparation or Prerequisites are needed for this course. 

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Course Syllabus
  5:31Introduction To The Psychology Behind Ethics Part 1
  8:46Ethical Theories
Consequentialism, Deontology, and Virtue
  3:36Normative Ethics
  6:10Normative Ethics Consequentialism
  5:00Consequentialism Application Examples
  8:39Consequentialism Business Application
  2:16 Normative Ethics Deontology
  5:31Deontology Application
  8:03Normative Ethics Virtue Ethics
  7:32Using Theories in Business
  1:04:12Psychology Behind Ethics Part 1
  PDFSlides: Psychology Behind Ethics Part 1
  PDFPsychology Behind Ethics Part 1 Glossary/Index
  quizReview Questions
 examFinal Exam