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Working together today is far more complicated than it had been years ago.  Not only are we working with our classmates and neighbors, but we are also working with people of different ages, genders and cultures who come to us from all over the world.

In addition to these differences, we have personality and character differences – some of which can be quite toxic.

This course is designed to help you recognize and deal with many different types of people.  From mild misunderstandings to serious conflict, you will acquire strategies for finding workable solutions.

In addition, the course introduces you to more formal dispute resolution.  This is called ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) and consists of three forms:  Arbitration, Mediation and Conciliation.

Learning Objectives

  • Explore different types of personalities, styles of thinking, and forms of interaction.
  • Discover that a few simple strategies on your part make it easier to deal with the more difficult types of people you encounter.
  • Learn to identify types of conflict resolution and when it is best to use each type.
  • Recognize when it is necessary to refer the dispute to professionals.
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I have taken a few of Dr. Diamond's courses, and this is a good refresher on conflict management. She uses real-world examples based on her personal experiences as a therapist and a consultant. One observation: some of the practice/quiz questions were misleading and seemed to conflict with the material in the lectures.
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I really appreciated the lessons this course offered. I learned a lot about how to act in the workplace.


Course Complexity: Intermediate

No advanced preparation or prerequisites are required for this course.

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Course Syllabus
  8:30Introduction to Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Conflict
  2:46Some Brief Definitions of Alternative Dispute Resolution
  8:31Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs
  10:59Some Reasons Why Conflict Occurs Continued..
  10:28More Examples and Reasons
  8:49Dealing with Difficult People and Solutions for Handling Them
  5:24Reducing Conflict Caused by Misunderstanding Not Malice
  5:45When Cultures Clash
  9:54Some Workplace Examples
  2:09Investigating a Complaint
  7:27Alternative Dispute Resolution and Conclusion
  1:20:40Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Conflict
Supporting Materials
  PDFSlides: Managing Difficult People and Dealing with Conflict
  PDFManaging Difficult People and Dealing with Conflict Glossary/Index