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This course is for non-tax and tax professionals alike. In addition to US-based individuals, it will also likely be of use to non-US persons working with groups that have US operations and/or other US investments.

The US has complex tax rules that apply whenever there is an international/global component to any transaction, whether for personal investment or for business, and these rules are broken down into two broad categories: Inbound and Outbound. This course focuses on issues that non-US companies and individuals face when investing in and/or conducting business in the US - Inbound.

This is an overview course focusing on a case study since we find people have better retention of the rules when seen in a real-life context focusing on actual business and investment issues. Each of the issues we touch upon may be the subject of a more advanced course. As such, it is ideal for both tax and non-tax professionals that desire a general understanding of the rules so they can begin to identify the material issues and how they affect the bottom line for businesses and individuals.

We will cover:

  • Under what circumstances the US has a right to tax income.
  • When foreign persons have a US business presence and when their investment income might be taxed.
  • Withholding rules.
  • Choice of entity, including check-the-box (entity classification rules) – should you have a C corp, LLC, S corp, etc.? Advantages/disadvantages.
  • Investing in US real estate.
  • Impact of FBAR/financial account disclosure.
  • How do I get my money out of the US?
  • The impact of tax treaties.
  • And more – all with a practical business focus that makes this a good course for even non-tax people.

Learning Objectives

  • Provide non-tax people the general Inbound framework to allow for better communication between the Operations and Finance/Tax sides of the business.
  • Allow decision-makers to identify the material, practical impact of the US Inbound rules so they can first and foremost determine ‘reasonable’ expectations and be in compliance and, second, begin proactive planning to increase global cash flow.
  • Provide a listing of other topics that personnel should focus on if they desire to make a more profound impact on their companies and/or personal investments.


Last updated/reviewed: November 10, 2019

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Having two speakers made the presentation a bit rocky. It would have been better if Marc presented alone.
Anonymous Author
I liked the case studies. They made all these code references make sense.
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Excellent course
Anonymous Author
Good overview


Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to US corporate tax


Advanced Preparation: None


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Course Syllabus
US Taxation
  9:51US Taxation on Foreign Persons
  11:28US and Investments and Types of Entities
Case Study
  15:16Case Study
  12:48Case Study Cont. and Exit Planning
  PDFSlides: International Tax Bootcamp
  PDFInternational Tax Bootcamp Glossary/Index