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Annual budgets require months to prepare and too often are obsolete before they are actually completed. That defeats their original intent which was to foster greater financial control and administration. They also tend to only be an inward look at the company’s finances and how they are to be controlled for the next year. Strategic plans take a more outward and continuous view of all necessary resources including: manpower, units, facilities, growth, and the company’s position in its markets. Both planning processes tend to be siloed and lack the comprehensive view that integrated planning provides.

Integrated business planning is the process of connecting the strategic planning function across an organization to improve its internal alignment, annual budgets and financial performance. Integrated planning links strategic planning, operational planning and financial planning. Linking all plans and forward looking assumptions across an enterprise, executives and other decision makers are able to evaluate plans more realistically, uncover inconsistencies and risks and assess opportunities.

In this course, you learn emerging techniques to master key objectives through integrated planning. You learn how to develop an integrated plan that fosters inter-departmental collaboration and promotes agility to help your company rise to the challenges of a volatile economy and changing markets.

Learning Objectives
  • Articulate the differences between a financial budget and a continuous integrated plan.
  • Establish that better decisions and less risk can be accomplished by preparing contingency plans ahead of time.
  • Discover how to successfully manage the entire business by utilizing integrated planning techniques to better achieve strategic intent.
  • Appreciate that greater financial success and improved agility is better achieved through completely open and honest communication across all primary functions of the organization.
Last updated/reviewed: March 28, 2024
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Anonymous Author
Great presentation explaining why companies need to move away from annual budgets to more long-term plans. My former company tried to do this and failed as they saw the exercise as a one-time event each year (which was put on the shelf and not referenced until the next year when the same process begins again).

Anonymous Author
The material was kind of dry. Was looking more for a detailed approach to budgeting and planning.

Anonymous Author
Good overview of integrated planning process. Slides could be a little better but were effective.

Anonymous Author
Good course. Not sure it needsa full hour to cover this content...

Anonymous Author
Very boring and slow speaker.

Anonymous Author
Good overview.

Course Complexity: Intermediate

Prerequisite: Exposure to corporate strategy and a basic understanding of accounting, financial planning and control.


Advanced Preparation: None


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Course Syllabus
Continuous Integrated Planning Techniques
  KPI and Integrated Plan Process Development10:00
  Critical Success Factors4:39
  Continuous Integrated Planning Techniques Glossary/IndexPDF
  Slides: Continuous Integrated Planning TechniquesPDF