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On March 27, 2020, Congress agreed to, and President Trump signed into law a $2 trillion economic relief plan. The plan will offer assistance to tens of millions of American households affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Its components include stimulus payments to individuals, expanded unemployment coverage, student loan changes, different retirement account rules and more. Whether you are a sole proprietor or a CEO of a large multi-national organization, you are most likely considering actions your organization should be taking to preserve liquidity, communicate with customers, manage your employee’s and evaluate your supply chain.

The wave of “work-at-home” and quarantine times will make the effective handling of business continuity more difficult. As the world and all organizations continue to work through the issues created by the COVID-19 crisis, it is essential for the life of our economy that corporate and business leaders pro-actively develop processes to enable them to effectively react to the critical business impacts being seen and felt all over the world. If the economy is to recover and stabilize, business must not just react but also establish plans to “return to our new normal”. What is the new normal? Day-by-day that is changing, but just like any other business continuity process we must learn how to adapt and react.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize the new Stimulus Bill.
  • Identify to Managing people and human resource concerns.
  • Discover about Working with the supply chain.
  • Explore Balance corporate liquidity.
  • Identify to Understand governmental, legislative and community requirements.
  • Discover and Examine needs for open, relevant and timely communication with stakeholders.
  • Recognize technology challenges amid COVID-19.
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This was essentially a thoroughly explained checklist of items that should be considered as business owners respond to COVID - which is very helpful and mostly comprehensive, but don't expect to get into specific detail regarding steps/actions you can to take regarding each consideration or instructor to direct you to additional good sources of information to refer to, etc. Accordingly, a lot of content feels somewhat generic. i.e. instructor will say "search the internet and make sure the site you are looking at is factual" versus directing audience to appropriate sources. (other webcasts have actually embedded links). Lastly, one wrong answer in the FINAL EXAM (reference to legislative branch but answer is executive branch). Overall a great high-level course though.
Anonymous Author
This is an outstanding course. The final exam mechanism is malfunctioning which was extremely frustrating. This is not a reflection of the instructor who did an incredible job of communicating this timely and relevant information.
Anonymous Author
Very helpful summary, producing a resource like this so quickly should be useful for many organizations to respond and react to current events quickly and efficiently.
Anonymous Author
A lot of relevant impacts to think about from HR to Supply Chain to finance. No political agenda in this training.
Anonymous Author
Great overview of the topic, especially for decision-makers in organization, not just accountants.
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This was very informative and I will recommend this to my colleague and friends of similar field.
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relevant, helpful, insightful, and comprehensive. easy to digest and practical to apply.
Anonymous Author
Well structured and instructed course. Very timely and applicable.
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Overall very good content and very well articulated by the trainer.


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I have notified Illumeo and they are looking into it. They should reply And once fixed will remove the comment and rating since they are not related to the course material

Course Syllabus
  8:07Introduction to COVID-19 Business Impact Analysis
  11:11Stimulus Bill
  15:22Business Impact
  12:23Business Impact Cont'd
  10:45Supply Chain
  7:55Corporate Liquidity
  8:16Government, Legislative and Community Requirements
  4:44Information Technology Issues
  1:20:04COVID-19 Business Impact Analysis
  PDFSlides: COVID-19 Business Impact Analysis
  PDFCOVID-19 Business Impact Analysis Glossary/ Index