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As of January 2020, there were more than 650 million people with LinkedIn Profiles. LinkedIn is the #1 Professional Networking Social Media site globally.

However many LinkedIn profiles are built without focus, purpose, or goals. Very few LinkedIn Members create their LinkedIn Profiles with their most important keywords and their most important viewer in mind.

I refer to a Professional LinkedIn Profile as one where the LinkedIn Member purposefully wrote it focused on their Most Important Viewer using keywords and stories relevant to them and what the LinkedIn Member does for them.

This course was created to help you build your Professional LinkedIn Profile and position you better than your peers and/or competitors on LinkedIn so you can begin creating real business value using LinkedIn as a business tool.

We discuss the key perspectives of building a Professional LinkedIn Profile in this course as well as show you the most important areas of LinkedIn to apply these perspectives.

We discuss keyword best practices that focus on your Most Important Viewer as well as the 12 areas of your LinkedIn Profile you will need to use to get the greatest possible value from your LinkedIn Profile. Knowing your most important keywords, who your most important viewer is and how to build a profile that speaks to them is the #1 most important step of using LinkedIn as a business tool.

During this course, we share with you how a well built LinkedIn Profile is beneficial.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify an understanding of the importance of a Professional LinkedIn Profile in business today.
  • Explore how to become knowledgeable about your most important keywords.
  • Recognize how to develop clarity of who your Most Important Viewers are.
  • Explore how to become introduced to the top 12 areas of your LinkedIn Profile and how to fill them out.
  • Discover how to test the keyword richness of your LinkedIn Profile.
Last updated/reviewed: May 18, 2022

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Anonymous Author
It would have been much more helpful if the instructor spent more time explaining ideas and concepts on a live LinkedIn profile as he worked through the course. 5 Minutes of "live in LinkedIn" at the very end was not enough.
Anonymous Author
Wow! This LinkedIn course is so critical to remain relevant in one's career. Teddy gave such great advice and tips to keep up with one's profile. "It is a journey and not a race" just like life. Great course!
Anonymous Author
Thorough overview for someone who is not an active LinkedIn user. Emphasizes the importance of relevance throughout your Profile so that all nonrelevant info is excluded.
Anonymous Author
Excellent course for beginners and long-time users of LinkedIn.


Course Complexity: Foundational

Each student will need to have basic computer skills, an understanding of web browsers and basic website navigation skills to attend this course.
Each student will need to have a LinkedIn Profile (account) in order to participate in this course.

Education Provider Information

Illumeo, Inc., 75 East Santa Clara St., Suite 1215, San Jose, CA 95113
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Course Syllabus
  2:51Introduction to Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile 2020
  2:13What is LinkedIn
  4:29Why Should You Have A Professional LinkedIn Profile?
LinkedIn Profile Overview
  3:39Prerequisites to Building A LinkedIn Profile
  3:32Most Important Viewer
  3:10Define Your Keywords
  3:22Style of Writing
  5:55Top 10 Tips of Building a LinkedIn Profile
  4:56Primary Areas of Professional LinkedIn Profile
LinkedIn Profile Section Management
  2:52Managing your Introduction Section
  2:19Writing Your About Section
  4:41Work Experience Section
  3:32Your Education Section
  3:49Your Skills Section
  5:56See This Live in LinkedIn
  6:03Closing Remarks
  1:03:17Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile 2020
  PDFSlides: Building a Professional LinkedIn Profile 2020
  PDFBuilding a Professional LinkedIn Profile 2020 Glossary/ Index
  PDFBuilding a Professional LinkedIn Profile 2020 Supporting Content