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Illumeo’s benchmarks provide an objective perspective on individuals and teams

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Independent Perspective

Illumeo’s finance, accounting, HR, sales and marketing assessment models are tied to benchmarks developed by panels of subject matter experts and validated by senior executives with decades of experience leading these organizations.

Our independent benchmarks provide employees and managers with the perspective they need to establish baselines and identify improvement opportunities, instantly.

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Motivation orientation

Objective Feedback

Managers who use independent benchmark data minimize subjectivity and provide more trusted guidance to their team members.

This creates a stronger bond between the manager and the employee, enhancing motivation and engagement.

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Data-driven decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Illumeo’s Assessment Framework and benchmarking capability are designed for easy customization.

Corporate customers can build their own benchmarks based on internal data or they can adopt and integrate 3rd party benchmarks into fully custom assessment models.

This makes it incredibly easy to incorporate competency data into critical decisions such as hiring, promotions and succession planning.

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